Think (party)

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Party leader Farid Azarkan
Party leader Selçuk Öztürk
Group Chairman, Second Chamber Farid Azarkan
founding February 9, 2015
Alignment Identity politics
social democracy
Sit in the First Chamber
Sit in the second chamber
Seats in the European Parliament
Number of members 3678
(January 1, 2019)

DENK or the thinking movement ( Dutch Moving DENK , Denk is Dutch for German  "think" and Turkish for "equal" ) is a small party in the Netherlands . According to its own statements, it is aimed at all Dutch people, but positions itself as a party of (Muslim) immigrants; It is mainly chosen by people of Turkish origin. Around 400,000 people with roots in Turkey live in the Netherlands.

It was founded by Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk , two Turkish-born MPs in the Second Chamber of the States General , after they left the Social Democratic Labor Party (PvdA) on November 13, 2014 . On February 9, 2015, they named their group or faction DENK and published a political manifesto for the establishment of a movement for migrants and for a “tolerant and solidary society” which, among other things, calls for a register for racism.

Election to the second chamber in 2017

In the program for the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands 2017 , in connection with the Armenian question, ie the Turkish-Ottoman genocide of the Armenians , the suffering of both the Turkish and the Armenian side is mourned and at the same time an "independent international investigation" is called for, as it " no consensus ”for the crime of genocide .

Kuzu appears confrontational ; For example, he said that he had evidence that "the plug is pulled faster" in the case of seriously ill older people with foreign roots. Denk is accused of explicitly denouncing the voting behavior of MPs with a migration background. For example, Denk called for a roll-call vote in the parliamentary vote on the Armenian genocide . Denk then published a video showing the members of parliament of Turkish origin with their names and photos if they voted yes. Chamber chair Khadija Arib sharply criticized the video and called Denk's behavior as a chamber member unworthy.

Denk is in favor of a racism register, which is supposed to show relevant misconduct by authorities, for the recognition of Palestine as a state by the Netherlands and for the withdrawal of certain Dutch investments from Israel . On various occasions, the party is attested to be close to the Turkish government under Erdoğan .

In the 2017 parliamentary elections, Denk achieved a share of 2.1% of the vote and entered the second chamber with three members. At the beginning of April 2020, a fierce internal controversy between Öztürk and Kuzu about the direction of the party became known, which ultimately resulted in Kuzu's resignation as party leader. Kuzu accused his party colleagues of "political fratricide" in an open letter.


After the founding of the party, the number of members rose rapidly in the first two years. Since then the number has only grown marginally.

year Number of members
2016 1055
2017 3425
2018 3488
2019 3678


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