The State

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The State

description German legal journal
publishing company Duncker & Humblot
First edition 1962
Frequency of publication quarterly
Sold edition 950 copies
Web link Publishing site
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Der Staat is an interdisciplinary, quarterly specialist journal for political science , constitutional history and German and European public law, founded in 1962 .

It is aimed at lawyers , historians , political scientists , sociologists , but also at economists , philosophers and theologians . The state was initiated by the two lawyers Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde and Roman Schnur . The founding editors were the Münster-based legal philosopher Hans J. Wolff , the Göttingen constitutional and canon lawyer Werner Weber and the Marburg constitutional historian Gerhard Oestreich . The magazine was personally connected to the circle around Carl Schmitt and thus distinguished itself in its early years as a counterpoint to the archive of public law , which was quite clearly shaped by students of Rudolf Smend .

Is published The state since 2016 by Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde, Armin Bogdandy , Rolf Grawert , Oliver Lepsius , Christoph Möller , Fritz Ossenbühl , Walter Pauly (Managing Editor), Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger , Uwe Volkmann , Andreas Voßkuhle and Rainer Wahl . The magazine is published quarterly by Duncker & Humblot (Berlin) with a circulation of 950 copies and has also been available online since 2008.

As supplements are u. a. published the conference reports of the Association for Constitutional History.

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