German Maritime Institute

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German Maritime Institute
founding 1973
founder Alfred Schumann (Chairman), Rolf Martens (Deputy Chairman), Kurt Diggins, Wulf D. Fischer, Kurt Fischer , Ulrich Hundt
Seat Bonn
people President: Hans-Joachim Stricker
Chairman: Christian Bock
Members about 170

The German Maritime Institute e. V. (DMI) is a non-profit institute dedicated to the public perception of maritime aspects of German politics, in particular German foreign , security and economic policy . It is based in Bonn .

History and goals

The institute was founded in 1973 as the Deutsches Marine Institut e. V. (DMI) was founded by members of the Navy Officers Association and initially dealt primarily with security and naval issues. In the course of time it expanded its subject matter into a forum for discussions and the exchange of ideas on the entire spectrum of maritime issues. That is why it was opened on June 3, 2011 in Deutsches Maritimes Institut e. V. (DMI) renamed.

The institute has set itself the goal of promoting awareness of Germany's maritime interests and understanding of maritime contexts. To this end, it deals with current and historically significant maritime events and developments. It is supported by personalities from politics, science, business and the German Navy who are interested in maritime issues beyond their professional tasks and want to help shape them.



The organization is the editor of various publications. This also includes the specialist journal MarineForum , which reports on sea-related aspects of German security policy, German and foreign navies, military and civil shipbuilding , research and development, shipping industry, marine and polar research , environmental protection , and maritime and naval history.

In addition, the DMI is the organizer of the Maritime Capital City Forum (MHF) and promotes scientific research, investigations and work in all areas of maritime events with the aim of deepening the public's understanding of maritime relationships. Since 1973 the institute has published 18 books and various writings, including the memoirs of the historian Michael Salewski .


The institute regularly organizes several conferences and symposia. This included the Flamersheim Talks, which were held a total of 68 times between 1979 and 2005, and which have since been replaced by several follow-up events, including the annual Maritime Security Colloquium in Rostock (2000 to 2018).

  • the maritime security colloquium in Hamburg (from 2020)
  • the Maritime Convention in Berlin (since 2008)
  • The maritime Europe conference in Berlin with the University of Cologne (2009 and 2012)
  • the Maritime Colloquium Wilhelmshaven (since 2011)
  • Maritime After Work Clubs of the Maritime Capital Forum (MHF) in Berlin (from 2014)

Internet activities

The DMI is the initiator and owner of the Internet forum German Maritime Competence Network (dmkn) , which serves to network maritime industries and discusses current topics from this area in several expert forums .

The DMI's blog Meer Understanding has been active since April 2012 and aims to cover the entire range of DMI topics.

Since April 2015, the DMI has maintained a glossary of marine terms on its website as they are in use in the German Navy.


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