The comedians

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Television series
Original title The comedians
Country of production Germany
original language German / Bavarian
Year (s) since 1998
length 30 minutes
Episodes 100+
Until 2014, weekly (mostly 8 episodes in series),
monthly since 2015
genre Cabaret / Comedy / Sketch
music Christoph Pauli & Band
First broadcast January 15, 1999 on Bavarian TV

Die Komiker is a Bavarian comedy series, originally by director Helmut Milz , which has been filmed in Germany since 1998 . It's a sketch show in Bavarian dialect . The line-up changed several times over the years, each consisting of at least four members. The half-hour program will be on Friday evening after 22 pm in the television BR broadcast. The hundredth episode was shown in February 2015.


The comedians currently consist of the following cabaret artists and comedians :

In previous broadcasts, the following comedians were part of the ensemble:

Sketch series

The episodes of Die Komiker consist of skits in Bavarian dialect . Some of these skits are recorded in front of an audience with backdrops in the BR studios, others in real locations. Folk music and musicals are often parodied.

In their episodes, the comedians also fall back on some sketch series that are or have been seen regularly:

  • Old Bavarian for beginners :
Michael Altinger, Christian Springer, Günter Grünwald, Andreas Giebel, Constanze Lindner and Monika Gruber play a small scene in Bavarian, while Eva Mähl tries desperately to translate it into High German for the audience (see also here ).
  • The security expert :
As a distracted security officer, Michael Altinger explains to TV viewers what dangerous things one should never do. It is difficult for him to form complete sentences and correctly pronounce foreign words .
  • The Kofler Horn :
Michael Altinger and Christian Springer celebrate the first ascent of the mountain "Kofler Horn" enthusiastically and in the style of old Luis Trenker films .
  • Susi is happy :
Eva Mähl plays the role of Susi, who is happy about various garbage and thus "beautifies" her apartment.
  • Sepp Rotzledschnbene :
Michael Altinger plays the role of a well-known folk musician who often approaches the audience and entertains them with meaningless and funny song lyrics.
  • The slime :
Günter Grünwald comes into the office of his boss (played by Andreas Giebel) and really wants to tell him his opinion, but then changes his mind and runs into the wall every time he leaves.
  • The centenary calendar :
Michael Altinger plays a bearded old man who is a hundred years old and uses a “calendar” to predict the weather.
  • Hansi Hinterfinger :
Here Florian Simbeck parodies the Tyrolean folk music star Hansi Hinterseer .
  • Cordula Brödtke :
A woman with eye-catching glasses and braces (played by Constanze Lindner) who always thinks of her fellow men, but is rarely considered by them.
  • The grandma :
Constanze Lindner plays a picture-perfect grandma who is kind, patient and easy to cuddle.
  • The politician :
Eva Mähl slips into the role of a young, dynamic politician who is ambitious but makes a fool of yourself.
  • Madame Futura :
Constanze Lindner embodies a fortune teller who predicts the future of her customers by reading cards and a crystal ball, but changes her predictions depending on the customers' cash.
  • Komik Air :
The comedians play scenes that take place on an airplane.
  • The organs :
The comedians embody different human organs within one body that communicate with each other and do their “work” at the same time.
  • Traudl & Christl :
Constanze Lindner and Eva Mähl play two egg-laying hens.

Old Bavarian for beginners

The sketch series Altbayerisch für Einsteiger, which was shown regularly until 2011, was so successful that a separate DVD was also produced, which only contains sketches from this series, and a book on this category was also written by Michael Altinger.

running gag

A running gag is the presentation of the program at the beginning by the imaginary meat boutique Haltmeier , the “meat boutique you trust”. A press bag with the Bavarian flag is shown in the picture. This fictitious commercial also follows at the end of each broadcast, backed by the grunt of a pig.

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