The Prouds

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Television series
German title The Prouds
Original title The Proud Family
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2001-2005
length 22 minutes
Episodes 52 in 3 seasons
genre comedy
Theme music by Destiny's Child
idea Bruce W. Smith
First broadcast September 15, 2001 - August 19, 2005 on Disney Channel , Toon Disney
first broadcast
2005 on kabel eins

The Proud Family ( english The Proud Family ) is a US -American animated series of the Walt Disney Company from 2001 to 2005. It was conceived by Bruce W. Smith, and has 52 episodes and a movie.

As well-known characters, The Prouds also left their mark on other productions, such as the series Disney's Lilo and Stitch , where the characters also appear in an episode.


The Prouds are an African American family centered around their 14-year-old daughter Penny Proud . She lives there with her father Oscar , who is a funny but also chaotic guy, and her mother Trudy , who is very serious. In addition to her everyday problems, she is joined by her grandmother Suga Mama with her dog Paff and her little siblings Bebe and Cece , who are constantly trying to get on her nerves. However, she spends most of her time with her friends Dijonay , Sticky and Zoey , with whom she goes to high school. Sticky, a technically gifted boy, is at her side, along with Dijonay, a blonde African American girl, and Zoey , who exudes a very happy aura. Her rival is the spoiled Lacienega and the "Ätz sisters" who are constantly stealing the break money from everyone.


The series first aired on Disney Channel and Toon Disney television networks in 2001 . The free TV broadcast took place from 2003 onwards by ProSieben and later by Kabel Eins after the Disney cartoon block was postponed .

In 2005 it was implemented as a Disney Channel Original Movie with the title The Prouds: The Island Adventure Film .

German speakers

figure English speakers German speakers
Penny Proud Kyla Pratt Shandra Schadt
Oscar Proud Tommy Davison Jan Odle
Trudy Proud Paula Jai ​​Parker Alisa Palmer
Bebe, Cece, Paff Tara Strong
Suga Mama Proud Jo Marie Payton-Noble Ilona Grandke
Dijonay Karina Malina White
Sticky Orlando Brown
Zoey Soleil Moon Frye
Lacienega Alisa Reyes

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