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Donald Davidson (born August 8, 1893 in Campbellsville , Giles County , Tennessee , † April 25, 1968 in Nashville , Tennessee) was an American poet , essayist and literary critic .


After attending school, Davidson studied at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, graduating in 1917 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA). He then did his military service in the US Army during the First World War and was finally promoted to lieutenant . After the end of the war, he completed a postgraduate course at Vanderbilt University, where he earned a Master of Arts (MA) in 1922 and was then from 1923 to 1930 literary critic for the daily newspaper The Nashville Tennessean .

Shortly afterwards he made his own literary debut in 1924 with the anthology An Outlawed Piper , which was followed by two further volumes of poetry, The Tall Men (1927) and Lee in the Mountains, and Other Poems (1938). He coined the style of a group of poets from the southern states called Southern Agrarians .

Davidson, who was also a professor at Vanderbilt University, then published the non-fiction books The Attack on Leviathan: Regionalism and Nationalism in the United States (1938) and Why the Modern South Has a Great Literature (1951) and The Tennessee (1946 bis 1948), a two volume story about the Tennessee River .

After a collection of essays under the title Still Rebels, Still Yankees, and Other Essays (1957), The Long Street (1961) and Collected Poems: 1922-1961 (1966) two further volumes of poetry were published. His only novel, The Big Ballad Jamboree , was published posthumously in 1996 .

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