Dorje Drag

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Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
རྡོ་ རྗེ་ བྲག་ དགོན་ པ །
Wylie transliteration :
rdo rje brag dgon pa
Official transcription of the PRCh :
THDL transcription :
Other spellings:
Dorjedrag, Dorje Drak, Dorjetra, Dorjey-drag, Thubten Dorje Drag Ewam Chögar, Thub-bstan rDo-rje brag E-wam chos-sgar dGon-pa
Chinese name
Traditional :
多吉札 寺
Simplified :
多吉札 寺, 多吉扎 寺, 多杰扎 寺, 土 登多杰扎 寺
Pinyin :
Duōjízhá Sì

Dorje Drag is a monastery of the Nyingma -School of Tibetan Buddhism on the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo in circles Gongkar the governmental district Lhokha in Tibet . The monastery is the original monastery of the teaching tradition of the " Northern Treasures " (Tib. Byang gter ) and one of the six most important Nyingma monasteries in Tibet. Elsewhere, a monastery was built towards the end of the 16th century. built (or expanded) by Trashi Tobgyel (1550–1602) and re-founded in 1632 by Ngagi Wangpo (1580–1639) at the current location. In the 57th year of the Kangxi era (1718) during the invasion of the Mongolian Djungars in Tibet, the monastery was badly damaged, and the damage was repaired during the reign of Pholhane (1728–1747).

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Coordinates: 29 ° 21 ′ 16 ″  N , 91 ° 7 ′ 47 ″  E