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Dušan Dragosavac (born December 1, 1919 in Vrepac , Gospić , Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes ; † December 21, 2014 ) was a Yugoslav politician of the Union of Communists of Yugoslavia (BdKJ) .


Dragosavac joined the communist party in 1942 and was then political commissioner organizer of party work in partisan associations in Benija near Zagreb . His long friendship with Vladimir Bakarić , who later became Croatia's party leader , also came from this time .

After the Second World War , Dragosavac became a specialist in economic policy and in the 1950s was a member of the Executive Council (Government) of the Socialist Republic of Croatia as Executive Secretary (Minister) for Economics and Finance before he subsequently became Chairman of the Federal Chamber of Foreign Trade. After studying law at the same time , he received his doctorate in law in 1962 and was also the author of specialist books in business and commercial law .

In 1969 he became a member of the executive secretariat of the BdKJ Croatia and was thus a member of the leadership of the Communist Party of the republic. In this function, he represented a negative stance against the nationalist reform course within the Croatian party leadership at the time of the Croatian spring in 1971. The orthodox attitude represented by him, but also by Milka Planinc , towards the liberal stance of the Croatian party leader at the time, Savka Dabčević-Kučar, was able to change push through. Ultimately, in December 1971, Ms. Dabčević-Kučarsowie and other supporters of the “Croatian Spring” such as Miko Tripalo were dismissed .

On October 20, 1981, he succeeded Lazar Mojsov as chairman of the presidium of the BdKJ and thus party leader. As a result, he was also an ex officio member of the Presidium of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , the Yugoslav State Council . On June 29, 1982 Mitja Ribičič succeeded him in the office of party leader.


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