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Eberhard Trumler (born October 22, 1923 in Vienna ; † March 4, 1991 in Wolfswinkel / Birken-Honigsessen ) was an Austrian behavioral scientist . He is considered the nestor of cynology (dog science) in German-speaking countries.

In 1969 he founded the Society for Pet Research (GfH) eV together with Konrad Lorenz and Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, among others. In 1979 he started another project: the Wolfswinkel Pet Biological Station in the northern Westerwald.

Trumler's scientific interest was primarily the social behavior of dogs . The focus of his work was on the observation of wild dogs and their crossbreeding in packs. He assumed that the wild ancestors of our domestic dogs still had an original instinctive behavior that the domesticated domestic dogs no longer show. He saw the observation of this original social behavior as a basis for understanding the behavior of domestic dogs.

Trumler became known to a broad public primarily for his books, which were easy to understand even for laypeople and often humorous.


  • Trumler's horse life. Munich 1964
  • Living with animals. Munich 1968
  • With the dog on you. Munich 1971
  • Dogs taken seriously. Munich, Zurich 1974
  • My animals, your animals. Munich, Zurich 1976
  • Trumler's guide for the dog lover. Munich / Zurich 1977
  • Horse life. Osnabrück 1980
  • Know and love dogs. Balve 1980
  • My wild friends. Munich 1981
  • A dog is born. Munich 1982
  • The year of the dog. Mürlenbach 1984
  • Trumler's horse primer. Mürlenbach 1985
  • The difficult dog. Mürlenbach 1986
  • Man and dog. Mürlenbach 1988


  • Erika Trumler: About dogs and horses. Life and work of Eberhard Trumler . Kynos, Mürlenbach 2001, ISBN 3-933228-35-2 .

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