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Edith Prock, July 2010

Edith Prock (born December 5, 1949 in Hienheim ) is a German singer from the field of popular hits .


Edith Prock already played the accordion as a child and sang in the children's choir of the Bavarian Radio . After attending secondary school, she learned the job of a secretary for IT. Together with Claudia Schwarz and Renate Maurer, she founded the trio The Munich Voices , which worked as a background choir for Audrey Landers , among others . In 1981 Edith Prock recorded her first solo album. Her artist name at the time was Edith-Maria . Five years later the zither player Alfons Bauer produced a long-playing record with folk melodies with her. She had her breakthrough in this genre when she took part in the 1989 Grand Prix of Folk Music for Germany with the title Do you hear the bells of Stella Maria and took fourth place. With beautiful Thank d''re with me , they took the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1990 in part, but did not order the final.

In addition to popular melodies, Edith Prock also sings pop and jazz as well as classical titles. Her versatility also brought her to international stages. So she had several invitations to the German Heritage Festival in New Jersey . To this day, Edith Prock is a frequent guest on popular television programs. On her two albums from 2001 and 2003 she recorded well-known classical melodies with new lyrics.

Better known titles

  • Do you hear the bells of Stella Maria in 1988
  • Thank you for being with me in 1990

Discography (selection)

  • Come a little closer to me 1989
  • When your heart wants it 1991
  • My song for you 1996
  • In the magical land of classical melodies 2001
  • My world is colorful 2003
  • My most beautiful folk and hiking songs 2006

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