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Edmundoa lindenii var.rosea, habit and inflorescence.

Edmundoa lindenii var. Rosea , habit and inflorescence.

Order : Sweet grass (Poales)
Family : Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)
Subfamily : Bromelioideae
Genre : Edmundoa
Scientific name

Edmundoa is a genus of plants from the subfamily Bromelioideae withinthe bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae). The only three species thrive in the rainforest areas of Brazil .


Habitus, leaves and inflorescence of Edmundoa lindenii var. Lindenii

The Edmundoa species are epiphytic , evergreen, perennial herbaceous plants . They look similar to Neoregelia and Nidularium species. Sturdy leaves sit on a compressed stem axis and form funnels in which water is collected. The simple, parallel-veined leaves are lightly reinforced.

The inflorescences often have strongly compressed shoot axes. Most of them have decoratively colored bracts . The pentacyclic (five petal circles), hermaphrodite, radial symmetry flowers are threefold. The ovary is subordinate.

Flower formula :

The fruits are berries .

Systematics and distribution

The genus Edmundoa was established by Elton MC Leme in 1997. Before that, the three species were classified in the genus Canistrum E. Morren. The botanical genus name Edmundoa honors the Brazilian botanist Edmundo Pereira (1914–1986).

The Edmundoa species thrive in the rainforest areas of Brazil .

There are only three types of Edmundoa :

  • Edmundoa ambigua (Wanderley & Leme) Leme : It only thrives epiphytically in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro .
  • Edmundoa lindenii (rule) Leme : There are two varieties:
    • Edmundoa lindenii (rule) Leme var. Lindenii : It thrives terrestrially, on rocks, or epiphytically in the lower area of ​​tree trunks at altitudes of about 400 meters in Brazil.
    • Edmundoa lindenii var. Rosea (E.Morren) Leme (Syn .: Canistrum roseum E.Morren , Canistrum fuscum (Baker) E. Morren ex Mez , Canistrum bella pink F.J.Müll. Ex Ule , Canistrum binotii Mez , Canistrum lindenii var. Roseum ( E. Morren) LBSm. ): It is common in the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina , Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul .
  • Edmundoa perplexa (LBSm.) Leme : It only thrives epiphytically in the Brazilian state of São Paulo .


  • Elton MC Leme: Edmundoa , In: Canistrum - Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest. P. 42, Salamandra Consultoria Editorial Ltda, 1997.

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