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Eduard Karl Borromäus Gaston Graf Pöttickh and Freiherr zu Pettenegg (born June 13, 1847 at Pepensfeld Castle / Laibach ; † October 1, 1918 in Friesach (Carinthia) ) was a knight of the Teutonic Order and a priest .

The only son of Freiherr von Pöttickh and his wife Maria de Traus de Wardin moved with his parents to Vienna as a child , where he attended the Theresianum grammar school. Here he also studied at the university and completed his studies with a Dr. jur. can., Dr. phil. and Dr. theol. from.

After a few years in the Austrian civil service , he was accepted into the Teutonic Order as a Knight of Honor in 1871. His love for this order then moved him to enter the order entirely, so that in 1874 he took simple vows and was ceremonially knighted on January 27, 1877.

The young knight quickly won the trust of the Grand Master , who recognized his enormous abilities, gave him the rank of councilor and head of the chancellery. Devoting himself zealously to his tasks, he turned his special care to the newly established Teutonic Sisters, whose importance for the overall order he quickly recognized and appreciated.

In private, Pettenegg dealt with heraldry and research into aristocratic history , as well as with history and document research in general . He quickly gained the reputation of an important expert in this area too.

Striving to concentrate the forces of the order on the spiritual field, he increasingly came into opposition to his knightly confreres, which is why he gave up the offices of councilor and order chancellor in 1897 .

Emperor Franz Josef awarded Pettenegg the title of excellence in 1892 and appointed him K. u. K. was a real privy councilor , and from 1875 on he also acted as an ancestor eximinator in the office of chief chamberlain. From 1870 he was a member (No. 76) of the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" in Vienna.

For on June 29, 1903 ordained priests , Pope named him Pius X to Titular Archbishop of Damiata , but Pettenegg never received despite this appointment, the episcopal ordination.

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