One among many

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German title One among many
Original title Een blandt mange
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 1961
length 85 minutes
Director Astrid Henning-Jensen
script Astrid Henning-Jensen
production Astrid Henning-Jensen
Bjarne Henning-Jensen
music Frederik van Pallandt
camera Gunnar Fischer

One among many (original title: Een blandt mange ) is a Danish fiction film in black and white from 1961 by Astrid Henning-Jensen , who also wrote the script. Ole Wegener , Marina Lund , Erno Müller and Elsa Kourani can be seen in the leading roles . The work had its world premiere on September 4, 1961 in Denmark. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the film had its premiere on March 30, 1968 in the program of the Second German Television ( ZDF ).


The high school student Bo lives with his divorced mother in a Danish provincial town. The relationship between mother and son is not particularly warm, because the mother shows little understanding for the boy's wishes and problems. One day Bo goes on a trip to Copenhagen, where his father lives, on his own. In his apartment, however, he only meets Hanne, whom he takes to be an employee of his father. Hanne likes the uncomplicated and somewhat enthusiastic behavior of the young man and his awkward admiration for her. The two spend a few carefree hours together. But when Bo's admiration turns into real affection, Hanne tries in vain to explain to him that she is his father's bride. It is only when he returns that Bo understands the real facts. Injured and desperate, he leaves. On Monday morning he'll be back at school on time.


The Protestant film observer is full of praise : “A study designed with sensitivity and at the same time unobtrusively, lively and naturally presented. Highly recommended for those aged 16 and over. ”The lexicon of international films says succinctly that the story is told“ with charm and psychological skill ”.

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