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Emil Sioli

Emil Sioli (born July 29, 1852 at Gut Lieskau near Halle an der Saale ; † June 16, 1922 in Friedrichsdorf im Taunus ) was a German psychiatrist and director of the institution for the insane and epileptic in Frankfurt am Main .


In 1888 Sioli took over the management from Heinrich Hoffmann , who had made a name for himself not only as a psychiatrist but also as the author of the children's book Struwwelpeter .

Sioli reduced coercive measures within the institution ( no restraint ). In the 1890s, Emil Sioli's best-known employees in the Frankfurt “Institute for the Insane and Epileptic” were the two neurologists and neuropathologists Alois Alzheimer and Franz Nissl .

On April 1, 1901, Sioli founded the Köppern Forest Hospital in today's Friedrichsdorf as an “agricole Colonie”, where “ alcoholists ” and “nervous patients” could be treated. As a central therapeutic element, the psychiatrist established the occupation of the patients in agriculture in a natural environment. The clinic, then called “Anstalt Hüttenmühle”, experienced a steady increase in beds up to 130 beds in 1913. Today, the Köppern Forest Hospital is an operating facility of Vitos Hochtaunus with a supply contract for the Hochtaunus district .

Emil Sioli's son Franz Sioli also became a psychiatrist.


A street on the university campus in Frankfurt's Westend district is named after Sioli . It ends immediately to the west of the former location of the institution popularly known in Frankfurt as the “ Irrenschloss ”, today the location of the IG Farben building . In Friedrichsdorf-Köppern, the postal address of the Köppern Forest Hospital, the “Emil-Sioli-Weg”, commemorates the psychiatrist and founding father of the clinic.

The Freundeskreis Waldkrankenhaus Köppern e. V. to the merits of Emil Sioli. His granddaughter Dorothea Scheidel and her son Klaus Scheidel were accepted into the association as honorary members. In 2012 the Freundeskreis Waldkrankenhaus Köppern eV donated the Professor Emil Sioli Medal of Honor and awarded it for the first time. Every two years, the award recognizes personalities or initiatives who have made a contribution to the integration of mentally ill or drug addicts or who otherwise take care of the concerns of the mentally ill in an outstanding manner.

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