Energy Hamburg

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Energy Hamburg
Radio station ( private )
Program type CHR
reception analog terrestrial , cable , digital
Reception area Greater Hamburg
Start of transmission 4th October 1995
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Energy Hamburg is a private radio broadcaster for Hamburg and the surrounding area and belongs to the French NRJ Group . It is originally a successor to the station Jazz Welle plus Hamburg , whose broadcasting operations were stopped on the night of October 3rd to 4th, 1995. It has been broadcasting on 97.1 MHz since October 4, 1995.

The media council of the Medienanstalt Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein announced in November 2019 that it would withdraw the FM license for 97.1 MHz from the station on August 1, 2020. Instead, the frequency was awarded to the provider Flux FM . Energy Hamburg has taken legal action against this decision.

In a resolution dated May 14, 2020, the Hamburg Administrative Court finally ordered that Energy Hamburg may continue broadcasting on its previous VHF frequencies beyond July 31, 2020 until a final decision in the main proceedings.


" Waggaman " Philipp Kolanghis after his world record

The broadcaster initiated several spectacular actions. In an early April Fool's joke on March 31, 2000, it was claimed that the Russian Mir space station threatened to crash into Hamburg. The police received numerous emergency calls. The station ended the action after a few hours and then apologized to its listeners.

The night before a home game of the FC St. Pauli against Bayern Munich in February 2002, the transmitter instigated a nightly party at the hotel the Bayern team, so as to bring the players to sleep. Thereupon Bayern Munich lost, they had won the World Cup shortly before , against the bottom of the table St. Pauli 1-2. The World Cup Winner T-Shirt is a reminder of this game. The former Energy Hamburg presenter " Waggaman " Philipp Kolanghis set a world record for permanent moderation in November 2004, which has since been discontinued.

In September 2005, the station received a fine of 10,000 euros from the Hamburg Institute for New Media , because it had broadcast a program from Herbertstrasse in March , the content of which had been objected to due to "the depiction of sexual practices and offers by prostitutes in a way that harms young people". During the broadcast, the studio presenter switched to two reporters and two prostitutes on Herbertstrasse several times, with the two prostitutes reporting in detail about their services.


The program includes hits in the selection of a CHR format. It is produced entirely in Hamburg.


The station can be received by 2.3 million listeners in the Hamburg metropolitan area. Over a quarter of Hamburgers between the ages of 14 and 29 listen to Energy Hamburg every day. The program is broadcast terrestrially over the frequencies 97.1 MHz ( Heinrich-Hertz-Turm ), 100.9 MHz ( Lohbrügge , filling frequency , directed to north-east and south-east) and on 101.6 MHz ( Wedel ). A power of 0.1 kW is used for each location.

Analog cable frequency in Hamburg is 99.65 MHz. Since 2006, Energy Hamburg can also be received via digital cable (DVB-C) in Hamburg, as well as a live stream (homepage and mobile app ).

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