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Valentin Bakfark ( Valentinus Greff Bakfark , Bálint Bakfark [ ˈbaːlint ˈbɒkfɒrk ], * around 1507 in Kronstadt / Transylvania (then Brassó / Hungary ); † August 15, 1576 in Padua ) was a Hungarian lutenist and an instrumental composer of the Renaissance .


Valentin Bakfark was instructed at the court of the later King of Hungary, Johann Zápolya . He then lived in Italy and later at the French court. From 1549 to 1566 he was the lutenist of the Polish King and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund II August in Vilnius . Until 1568 he was court lutenist of the emperor in Vienna . Then he returned to his homeland in Hungary. Finally he moved to Venice, where he died of the plague on August 15, 1576 .

Bakfark was best known for his collections of lute music, which included arrangements of contemporary madrigals , chansons , motets and dances. Like his own compositions, several fantasies and a passamezzo , they are characterized by significant instrumental technique and artful polyphony at the height of its time.


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