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Erich R. Döbrich (born May 31, 1896 in Sonneberg ; † April / May 1945 in Berlin ), known as Erich R. Döbrich-Steglitz, was a German painter and illustrator .

Adjutant Grenadier Regiment 6

Live and act

The Heimatverein Steglitz e. V. , home association of the former Berlin district of Steglitz , records Erich Döbrich in his database .

Döbrich took part in the First World War, in which he a. a. the 4th Squadron of the 2nd Uhlan Regiment in Ansbach and a machine gun company took part in the First World War, in which he was wounded twice.

At the end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, Döbrich was a member of the National Socialist Sturmabteilung (SA) in Berlin. Public sensation was caused Döbrich at that time when he was a leader of the SA Standard I (Charlottenburg, Spandau, Moabit) in the night of 30 to 31 August 1930 on the orders of the supreme commander of the Berlin and East Elbe SA, Walter Stennes , an approximately led twenty-five-member SA command to the offices of the Berlin Gauleitung of the NSDAP to replace the SS guards there, after the SA suspected that the party leadership and the SS would oppose their interests. Since the SS guards refused to obey the Stennes order sent to them by Döbrich and to vacate the premises of the Gauleitung, Döbrich had the door of the Berlin party headquarters broken open, whereupon there was a mass brawl between SA and SS men the office was devastated and two SS men were seriously wounded. The dispute was only resolved by the police.

After Stennes and his supporters left the SA and a substitute secessionist organization was formed in April 1931, Döbrich also left the party army. For Stennes, Döbrich, who was said to have communist sympathies, acted as a liaison to Waldemar Pabst's traditional publishing house .

Before 1939 lived in Steglitzer Kniephofstraße 6.

Pictures (selection)

In the 1930s a series of postcards with watercolors by Erich Döbrich (-Steglitz) was published by Kyffhäuser Verlag in Berlin .


The following books, among others, contain pictures by Erich R. Döbrich (-Steglitz):

"... with 25 line drawings by Erich R. Döbrich"
  • Somme North, Part II. The focal points of the battle in July 1916 , with 20 sketches by Erich Döbrich, published by the Reichsarchiv , 1st edition Oldenburg and Berlin 1927 by Gerhard Stalling
  • The Book of Honor of the German Field Artillery , published by the Waffenring of the former German Field Artillery, Berlin 1929
  • The Book of Honor of the German Pioneers , published by Paul Henrici, Berlin 1931, “at the instigation of the employees of the Waffenring Deutscher Pioneers”
  • Albert Benary : The German Army. A book of pride, a book of hope. Berlin 1932, with 38 full-page pen drawings by Döbrich-Steglitz
  • Cordt v. Brandis : Der Luchhof , Berlin 1934 (-> see picture on the cover)
  • Wolfgang Loeff: Bismarck . The life of a statesman. Leipzig and Berlin 1936 with drawings by Erich R. Döbrich
  • Martin Lezius : The Soldier's Dress of Honor: A Cultural History of the Uniform from its Beginnings to the Present , Ullstein , Berlin 1936
  • Hasso von Wedel : The 37th Division attacks - A book from the new German army. "With pictures by military painter Erich Döbrich", Leipzig 1939 at Breitkopf & Härtel
  • Klaus-Ulrich Keubke and Hans Stadler: The uniforms of the German Wehrmacht in autumn 1936 (= volume 20 of the series "Writings on the history of Mecklenburg "), Schwerin 2007 ( ISBN 978-3-00-022973-2 ), with 140 images of the army von Döbrich-Steglitz from a cigarette album from the 1930s


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