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Ernst Braun (born February 21, 1878 in Schönmünzach, Württemberg , † April 27, 1962 in Ulm ) was a German hydraulic engineer and professor at the Stuttgart University of Technology .


He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Stuttgart and subsequently became an assistant at the material testing institute at this university in 1902. In 1903 he took over the professorship for technical mechanics. In 1906 he was a temporary designer at the Germania machine factory in Chemnitz and in the same year he switched to Escher Wyss AG in Zurich. In 1909 he received his doctorate from the Stuttgart University of Technology. In 1910 he became professor for power machines at the Technical University of Hanover . In 1913 he was appointed to the chair for mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt . In 1921 he finally took the opportunity to return to the Technical University of Stuttgart and became head of the chair for hydropower machines and systems. In the winter semester of 1939/1940 he held lectures at the German Technical University in Prague as a substitute . His retirement took place in 1948. However, Braun temporarily headed his chair for over a year. As a university lecturer and researcher, he dealt intensively with the theoretical recording of the damming and sinking curves, the mirror movements in the surge tank and the pressure surge problem. In particular, the work on the computational recording of the pressure surge has brought Braun general recognition in specialist circles. Building on the relevant work of Nikolai Jegorowitsch Schukowski and Lorenzo Allievi (1856–1941), he developed appropriate calculation methods. Braun's publications are characterized by their clarity and practical relevance.


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Individual evidence

  1. Lorenzo Allievi (* 1856 in Naples ; † October 30, 1941 in Rome ) Italian engineer, known for his pressure surge theory, Marco Ceccarelli Abstract Lorenzo Allievi is best known for the Water hammer solution, which he proposed in 1903. But he also contributed to Mechanism Design with the milestone work 'Cinematica delle Biella; [fluid dynamics] He is an electrical engineer and hydraulics expert from Italy. Allievi provided a detailed hydrodynamic analysis of the water hammer effect, which caused catastrophic damage to the hydroelectric power plant at his work location in Papigno ( Terni ). [1]
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