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Hollstein (2nd from left, sitting)
as well as teammate and trainer William Townley
as German champion in 1910

Friedrich Ernst Hollstein (born December 9, 1886 in Karlsruhe , † August 9, 1950 in Offenburg ), called "Holler", was a football player for the Karlsruhe FV .



Ernst Hollstein changed from the youth of FC Phönix to the junior team of the KFV. He then got into the first team there. He mostly played in the left back position. His style of play is described as elegant, smooth and confident. He was not a defender who fought the opposing striker with strength and force. His means were dexterity, excellent technique and a brilliant header game. Blind hitting the ball was alien to him. His passing game from defense resembled that of a strong outside runner or half-striker.

Kirn / Natan stated: “Ernst Hollstein was one of the greatest defenders who ever moved across a field. Played left and right, but preferred the left position. The medium-sized player belonged to the KFV elite of the grandiose 'soccer squadron' that his team represented between 1909 and 1912. With Gutsch he formed a perfect defender pair. His intuitive positional play is known as 'mind reading'. "

From 1910 to 1912 he reached the semi-finals of the German soccer championship three times . He became German champion with KFV in 1910 , runner-up in 1912 and lost in the semifinals to VfB Leipzig in 1911 . He won the Crown Prince's Cup with the southern selection in 1912.

National team

He played his first international match for the DFB on April 24, 1910 in Arnhem. He experienced the 2-4 defeat against Holland as a left defender. Hollstein had his fifth appearance in the national team on June 29, 1912 in the game against Austria, in the preliminary round of the Olympic tournament in Stockholm. He played on the left defender again. The 1: 5 defeat cannot be attributed to Hollstein's defense, but rather to the fact that the center forward Worpitzky took over the place in goal for goalkeeper Albert Weber after suffering a concussion. He ended his international career at the age of 26 - as a six-time national player - when he was used on July 3, 1912 in the consolation round game of the Olympic Games against Hungary.


In 1920/21 Hollstein was a coach at Offenburg FV 1907 in the 1st district class (2nd division). The illustrated sports newspaper Fußball wrote on December 28, 1920: "The successes are primarily thanks to the international Ernst Hollstein, who has thankfully trained the team."

It was deeply regretted that Hollstein withdrew from active sport in 1913 in order to be able to devote more time to his studies. He later worked as a teacher in Offenburg in southern Baden .

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