Eat Drink

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Eat Drink
Eating and drinking
description Cooking magazine
language German
publishing company G + J Food & Living GmbH & Co. KG ( Germany )
Headquarters Hamburg
First edition October 1972
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 103,510 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 108,400 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Range 1.06 million readers
( MA 2020 I )
Editor-in-chief Jan Spielhagen
Web link
ISSN (print)

Food & Drink (spelling: eat & drink ) is a monthly magazine from the Hamburg publisher Gruner + Jahr . Food & Drink has been published by G + J Food & Living GmbH & Co. KG, a company of the DMM publishing group, since July 2016. The sold circulation is 103,510 copies, a decrease of 65.5 percent since 1998.

Contents of the magazine

Food & Drink publishes recipes , supplemented by entertaining and useful things from the culinary world, reports, reports about kitchens and chefs, wines and winemakers. Stories about people with a special relationship with food and drink, restaurant tests, advice about cooking and enjoying are added. National and international travel tips are also given.


In 1971 Angelika Jahr-Stilcken conceived the idea of ​​a culinary magazine. The publishing house Gruner + Jahr commissioned the Esskultur study in 1971 . The resulting zero number for food & drink sold successfully on test markets in Braunschweig and Nuremberg . On October 4, 1972, Issue 1 of Food & Drink appeared on the German market with a circulation of 400,000 copies.

editorial staff

Every month, the chefs from Essen & Trinken present around 180 recipes to their editors , around 60 of which are published. The aim is to develop creative and as original as possible recipes for upscale cuisine. These are then developed, cooked and tasted at one of the eleven cooking areas in the test kitchen of the editorial office. Some of these dishes are then photographed in our own photo studio . There are five criteria for the recipes: the recipe must be re-cookable, legible and as simple as possible, the dish must taste good and look good. Each recipe is cooked three times in total. In the first run it is developed, the second time it is cooked for the corresponding photo, the third time it is finally prepared by an experimental kitchen intern to ensure that it can be successfully cooked by the readers.

The daily food & drink magazine also appears in the food & drink department . The magazine Viva! Published from November 2005 to June 2008 ! and the magazine Essen & Trinken with Thermomix , published from October 2016 to January 2019, were also created by the editorial team.

Chief editor

In July 2014 Jan Spielhagen took over the editor-in-chief from Elisabeth Herzel and Clemens von Luck.

Before that, the magazine had the following editors-in-chief:

watch TV

In 1995, Essen & Trinken and Johann Lafer cooperated on a 26-part cooking program that was broadcast on 3sat .

further activities

The food & drink cookbooks are published by Naumann & Göbel.

In autumn 2006, Essen & Trinken took part in the eat'n style trade fair, which took place in Cologne for the first time .

Since the beginning of April 2007, Essen & Trinken has had an independent presence on the Internet.

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