Eugène de Pruyssenaere

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Eugène Jacques Marie de Pruyssenaere (pronounced Preussenare) (born October 7, 1826 in Ypres ( Belgium ), † December 15, 1864 in Africa ) was a Belgian explorer of Africa .

Pruyssenaere was in the Jesuit college of Aalst educated, studied in Leuven jurisprudence and philosophy , and in Ghent natural sciences, especially botany .

After traveling through southern Europe in 1853, he came to Crete via Brussa , from where he visited the islands of the Aegean Sea , in 1854 and set foot on African soil for the first time in Alexandria the next year . In 1857 he was in Korosko and Berber; whether he continued this journey to Khartoum is uncertain. He then went back to Cairo and Palestine , but was back in Korosko on October 23, 1858, and drove up the White and Blue Nile several times from 1859 to 1864 , the latter as far as Fazogl , as he also explored the Sobat for a distance .

On one of these trips he succumbed to a fever at Karkög's in 1864 .