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Eugen Schönebeck (* 1936 in Heidenau near Dresden ) is a German painter .


In 1954 he began his artistic training in the class for large-scale painting at the Master School for Applied Arts in East Berlin, but after one semester in 1955 he moved to West Berlin, where he worked at the Academy of Fine Arts , today's Berlin University of the Arts, until 1961 , studied with Hans Jaenisch and Hans Kuhn . There he met Georg Kern, later known as Georg Baselitz , with whom he presented the so-called 1st Pandemonic Manifesto in 1961 . Both artists rebelled against the established modern art forms, invoked artists such as Antonin Artaud , Samuel Beckett , Louis Ferdinand von Rayski or Dado Miodrag Djuric and affirmed this in 1962 in their 2nd Pandemonic Manifesto , the actual pandemonium, after which their collaboration ended . In the same year Schönebeck had his second solo exhibition in Berlin.

Eugen Schönebeck's search for his own expressive painting style allowed him to grapple with the causes and consequences of National Socialist Germany, in which objectivity was required in art, as well as with Christian values ​​and socialist ideas. A renewal of society with the help of art, especially figurative, publicly effective painting as a revolutionary gesture, were the driving force and reference of his intensive examination and recognizable in the struggle with the motif. He processed his findings in series such as the Four Crucifixions (1963/64) and pictures such as The True Man (Prince Franz von Bayern collection, Bavarian State Paintings). The works Lenin , Pasternak , Trotsky , Mayakovsky and Mao Tse-Tung from 1965 now belong to the Frieder Burda Collection (Baden-Baden).

When he unexpectedly ended his career as a visual artist in 1967 and withdrew from the public eye, he had created around 80 oil paintings and around 800 drawings in the few years of his active artistic life. Since 2014, the Juerg Judin Gallery in Berlin has been preparing the catalog raisonné of Schönebeck's works on paper, which will bring together his drawings, watercolors, prints and posters. This is the first time to give an overview of the extensive and diverse work.

His pictures continued to be presented to the public when the exhibitions dealt with the development of German art after 1945, for example in 1973 at the Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden , 1977 at documenta 6 in Kassel, 1990 at the Venice Biennale , and 1996 at the Center Pompidou in Paris or worldwide in Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Great Britain and the USA.

In 1992 Eugen Schönebeck was awarded the Fred Thieler Prize for Painting in Berlin .

Solo exhibitions

  • 1961: Manifesto exhibition (later: 1st Pandemonic Manifesto) together with Georg Baselitz, Schaperstraße 22, Berlin
  • 1962: Gallery in the Hilton Colonnades, Berlin
  • 1965: Galerie Benjamin Katz, Berlin
  • 1973: International information and art market, Düsseldorf
  • 1973: Galerie Abis, Berlin
  • 1986: Galerie Silvia Menzel, Berlin
  • 1987: Jule Kewenig Gallery, Frechen-Baden
  • 1992: Berlinische Galerie, Berlin
  • 1992: Kestner Society, Hanover
  • 2011: Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
  • 2012: Galerie Nolan Judin, Berlin

Participation in exhibitions

  • 1965: Great Berlin Art Exhibition , Berlin
  • 1966: The Portrait, Munich
  • 1966: Galerie Stummer and Hubschmidt, Zurich
  • 1967: Galerie Motte, Geneva, Milan, Paris
  • 1967: Young Berlin painters, Goethe Institute, Athens
  • 1967: Hansen Gallery, Denmark
  • 1969: Ströher Collection, National Gallery Berlin
  • 1969: City Art Gallery Düsseldorf
  • 1969: Kunsthalle Bern
  • 1972: Drawings II, Leverkusen City Museum, Morsbroich Castle
  • 1973: 14 times 14, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden
  • 1973: The new portrait I u. II, Abis Gallery, Berlin
  • 1974: 1st Berlin Biennale
  • 1974: Galerie Abis, Berlin
  • 1974: Gallery Böttcherstraße, Bremen
  • 1974: Hacker Producers Gallery, Berlin
  • 1975: Goethe-Institut, Rio de Janeiro
  • 1975: 8 from Berlin, Edinburgh, Berlin, Cologne
  • 1977: documenta 6, Kassel
  • 1978: Academy of the Arts, Berlin
  • 1980: The curved horizon - Art in Berlin 1945–1967, Academy of the Arts, Berlin
  • 1980: Signs of Faith - Spirit of the Avant-garde, Orangery, Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin
  • 1981: Schilderkunst in Duitsland 1981 / Peintre en Allemagne, Palais des Baux-Arts, Brussels
  • 1984: New beginnings, manifestos, manifestations, Städtische Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf
  • 1985: Karl Hofer Society, Berlin
  • 1985: German Art in 20th Century, Royal Academy of Arts, London
  • 1945–1985: Art in the Federal Republic of Germany, National Gallery Berlin
  • 1987: The unused view, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
  • 1987: Berlin Art, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • 1987: 3 generations, Silvia Menzel Gallery, Berlin
  • 1987: Columns, Silvia Menzel Gallery, Berlin
  • 1987: Snapshots, Staatliche Kunsthalle , Berlin
  • 1988: The color blue, Galerie Silvia Menzel, Berlin
  • 1989: Refigured Painting - The German Image 1960–1988, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo / Ohio; Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown / Massachusetts; Art Museum Düsseldorf; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a. M.
  • 1989: Iconoclasm. Contradiction, unity and fragment in art since 1960, Museum Ludwig in the Rheinhallen of the Cologne fair, Cologne
  • 1990: Ambiente Berlin, Biennale di Venezia, Venice
  • 1994: Body images - images of people, Hygiene Museum, Dresden
  • 1994: The crack in space, Martin-Gropius-Bau , Berlin
  • 1996: Face à l'Histoire, Center Pompidou, Paris
  • 1997: pictures of germany, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
  • 2006: FASTER! BIGGER! BETTER !; and parallel: total city. beijing case, ZKM - Museum of New Art, Karlsruhe (created as a homage to the 70th birthday!)


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