Eunomia (mythology)

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Eunomia ( Greek  Εὐνομία ) is one of the Horen in Greek mythology and thus a daughter of Zeus and Themis . She was seen as the personification of the legal order and was sometimes celebrated as a peacekeeper. Hesiod and other ancient writers name Dike and Eirene as their sisters , although some authors give other names for the Horen. The ancient Greek choral lyricist Alkman cites a different ancestry of Eunomia , according to which her mother was Promatheia (= "caution") and her sisters Tyche and Peitho . As one of the Horen, Eunomia enjoyed cultic veneration. According to various inscriptions, there were priests in Athens for a communal cult of Eunomia and the goddess Eukleia .



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