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De astronomia 3, 30–31 in Codex Laurentianus , Pluteus 89 sup 43 of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana , around 1450–1500

Two mythographic handbooks in Latin have come down to us under the author's name Hyginus . One is called Genealogiae and is also known under the title Fabulae , the other is astronomical-mythographic and bears the title De astronomia . The identity of the author is unclear, so he was called "Hyginus Mythographus". Possibly he is to be equated with Gaius Iulius Hyginus , a contemporary of the emperor Augustus . The works circulating under the name of 'Hyginus', in particular the Genealogiae , are, however, only dated to the 2nd century AD from part of the research .

The Genealogiae consist of three parts: Family trees of the gods and heroes , 220 fables (individual legends) and so-called indices (list-like compilations). The “all known genealogy of Hyginus” was (back) translated into Greek in 207 (“in the consulate year of Maximus and Aper”). The author apparently used a Greek mythological handbook, comparable to the library of Apollodorus , as well as Greek tragedies ( Aeschylus , Sophocles , Euripides ) and epics ( Homer , Hesiod ) as sources .

The astronomical-mythological handbook De astronomia in four books was a first-rate source for the ancient constellation legends in the Middle Ages and was therefore copied a lot; Since the 9th century, copies have been made, some of which are elaborate and art-historically important.

Editions and translations


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De astronomia

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