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Evangelical Mission in Germany
legal form Registered association
founding 19th September 1975
founder EKD Synod
Seat Hamburg , Germany
main emphasis Advice and coordination
Action space worldwide
Chair Dietmar Arends
Managing directors Rainer Kiefer (Director)
Employees 29 employees in the EMW office
Website www.emw-d.de

The Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW) with an office in Hamburg is an umbrella and professional association of Protestant churches , Protestant free churches and regional mission agencies as well as individual missionary associations and institutions for ecumenical, missionary and development-related cooperation with Christians and churches overseas and for ecumenical awareness-raising in Germany.

Its members are twelve evangelical mission organizations, five missionary associations as well as five free churches and the Evangelical Church in Germany .


The EKD Synod founded the EMW on September 19, 1975, and Hans-Heinrich Harms was elected its first chairman . The first general meeting took place on May 13, 1976, at which Martin Lehmann-Habeck was introduced to his office as director. On January 2nd, 1977 the Hamburg office started work. The "Working Group of Protestant Missions in the GDR" was founded in 1964 and merged on September 25, 1991 with the West German counterpart to today's EMW.

The EMW has its roots in the ecumenical movement in the mission of the church. Even after the first major world missions conference , which took place in Edinburgh in 1910, the International Mission Council (IMR) was established in 1921 as an international forum for exchange and agreements on cooperation. In Germany, the German Evangelical Mission Association (DEM) had been founded as early as 1885, which became the German Evangelical Mission Committee after the First World War. In 1933, against the background of the dispute between the mission societies and the German Christians and the attempts to integrate the missions into a German imperial church, the "German Evangelical Mission Day" (DEMT) with the "German Evangelical Mission Council" (DEMR) as its executive committee emerged . Mission Day and Mission Council formed the immediate predecessor institution of the EMW.

In the run-up to the founding of the EMW, various conflicts of interest arose in the dispute over understanding the mission. The background for a fundamental criticism of mission practice, which led to the rejection of any thought of mission, were allegations in connection with colonialism, imperialism, the destruction of cultures and fundamental intolerance. Quite a few, but not all evangelically oriented mission societies, which called for a return to a biblically oriented understanding of mission, had already found a stronger cooperation with one another since 1968, founded their own umbrella organization in 1969 with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelicaler Missions (AEM) and finally withdrew back from the DEMT.


  1. Working Group of Mennonite Congregations in Germany (AMG)
  2. Missionary Services Working Group (AMD)
  3. Berliner Missionwerk (BMW)
  4. Association of Evangelical Free Churches
  5. CVJM-Gesamtverband in Deutschland eV
  6. German Bible Society
  7. German Evangelical Missionary Aid (DEMH)
  8. German Society for Mission Studies (DGMW)
  9. German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFÄM)
  10. Evangelical old reformed church in Lower Saxony
  11. Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony (ELM)
  12. Evangelical Lutheran Missionswerk Leipzig eV (LMW)
  13. Methodist Church (UMC)
  14. Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)
  15. Evangelical Mission in Solidarity eV (EMS)
  16. Gossner Mission
  17. Moravian Brethren
  18. Mission One World Center for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
  19. Oriental women mission
  20. North German Mission (NM)
  21. United Evangelical Mission - Fellowship of Churches in Three Continents (UEM)
  22. Center for Mission and Ecumenism - Northern Church Worldwide

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