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The Stuttgart office

The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) is a registered association. The office is based in Stuttgart .

Since January 1st, 2012 the full name has been Evangelical Mission in Solidarity - Churches and Missions in International Partnership (EMS) eV Before 2012, EMS was called "Evangelical Mission in Southwest Germany" (EMS).

The EMS sees itself as an ecumenical network for mission and international church cooperation. This network includes churches and mission societies in Africa (2), Asia (13), Europe (11) and the Middle East (2). The specialty of the association is the equal membership of all of its international churches and mission societies.

In Germany the EMS works in the network of the Evangelical Mission Association (EMW).


Founded in 1972

On 28 January 1972 in Palatine founded Landau representatives of the national churches in Baden , Hesse-Nassau , Kurhessen-Waldeck , the Palatinate and Württemberg , the Moravian Church and the missionary societies Basel Mission / Basel Mission - German Branch, German East Asia Mission , Evangelical Association for the Syrian orphanage and Herrnhuter Missionshilfe the "Evangelical Mission in Southwest Germany" (EMS).

Internationalization reform 2012

Since 1994, the international mission council has been on the way to an equal position for the partner churches. For the 40th anniversary of the founding, in 2012, he decided on a new statute and a new name: “the” EMS became “the” EMS, the “Evangelical Mission in Southwest Germany” became the “Evangelical Mission in Solidarity”. This means that the EMS retains its abbreviation in its English name: Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS). With the new version of the statutes, the EMS unites churches and mission societies in four regions of the world as members with equal rights.

Areas of activity

  • Implementation of programs and projects in cooperation with the member churches
  • Mediation and accompaniment of ecumenical workers
  • Placement and support of volunteers with three exchange directions: North-South exchange, South-North exchange, South-South exchange (ÖFP)


Decision-making processes and implementation take place on the one hand in international committees and on the other hand in the Stuttgart office. The international bodies of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity are composed of the General Assembly, the Mission Council and the Presidium . In the office, the general secretariat and the two departments "Mission and Partnership" and "Administration and Finance" together with the staff units "Controlling", "Gender", "Fundraising", "Media" and "Press and Public Relations" set the requirements the committees.

International bodies

The EMS committees are international, as the EMS has been an international community since 2012 with equal rights for all 28 members. The working language of all bodies is English .

General Meeting

The full assembly of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity meets every two years. The total of 23 churches and five mission societies of the EMS Fellowship send 51 delegates to take part in the assembly. Since 2012 all members from Africa , Asia , the Middle East and Europe have had equal legal rights and have the right to vote and stand for election . The delegates to the general assembly decide on the content of the community, its long-term strategy and the budget. The first general assembly was chaired by Marianne Wagner, senior church councilor of the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate, her representatives were church councilor Klaus Rieth and pastor Habib Badr.

The constituent meeting of the second general assembly took place in December 2018 in Neustand adW. Since the general assembly in December 2018, the chairman of the general assembly has been Klaus Rieth, church council of the Württemberg regional church . His deputies are Habib Badr, leading pastor of the National Evangelical Church of Beirut, Lebanon , and Senior Church Councilor Detlef Knoche, head of the Center for Oekumene of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau and the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck .

The international EMS Mission Council

The Evangelical Mission is led in solidarity by the Mission Council. He determines the strategy of the association and ensures the implementation of the fundamental decisions by majority decision. Of the 17 delegates on the Mission Council, eight come from churches in Africa , Asia and the Middle East , six from German churches and three from mission societies.

The EMS Mission Council is headed by Klaus Rieth, Church Council of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg. His deputies are Dr. Habib Badr, senior pastor of the National Evangelical Church of Beirut and Detlev Knoche, senior church councilor of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau.

Presidium (Presidium)

The Presidium represents the EMS in public. The Presidium chairs the plenary assembly and prepares the meetings of the mission council, leads them and implements the decisions. Klaus Rieth, Habib Badr and Detlev Knoche form the Presidium as the three chairmen of the Mission Council.


The office in Stuttgart handles the current EMS affairs. It is headed by the Secretary General and his two deputies.

In the office, the work of four associations interlocks:

  • The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity eV functions both as an association with its own tasks and as an umbrella for the mission associations, which in turn are members of the EMS:
  • the Basel Mission - German Branch (BMDZ),
  • the Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools
  • and the German East Asia Mission (DOAM).

From 2013 to 2018 Jürgen Reichel, ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria , was General Secretary of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity. In June 2018 he stated that he would not be available for a second term as Secretary General. Until Dieter Heidtmann took office in April 2020, Kerstin Neumann temporarily held this position.

International and national networks

International networks have emerged within the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity:

  • International Youth Network
  • International Women Fellowship
  • EMS active for volunteers


Before the introduction of the new statute, the churches of the EMS network were called “partners”. Since the internationalization reform, all churches have been "members" of the EMS fellowship with equal rights.

Founding members - churches

Founding Members - Mission Societies

New members since the foundation


The following connections exist through the Basler Mission - Deutscher Zweig eV in cooperation with Mission 21 :

  • Evangelical Church in West Papua (GKI)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia (EILB)


The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity issues various publications .


“Therefore” appears four times a year in cooperation with five other mission organizations.


The “um-journal” appears four times a year, both as a single publication and as an insert in the “um”. The magazine provides information about the latest from EMS and the churches of the international EMS fellowship. The fourth edition functions as an annual report.

Schneller magazine

The "Schneller-Magazin", the magazine of the Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools (EVS), appears four times a year and reports on the Schneller schools in Lebanon and Jordan.

News from the Basel Mission - German Branch

The "News of the Basler Mission - German Branch" informs six times a year about projects and the work of the mission society.


"OUR VOICES" appears once a year, which provides information about the international EMS women’s network. In addition, regular press information and releases are issued as well as information material for parishes and pastors.

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