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Young zoo technician (right) with insemination technician (left) in the LPG Frauenprießnitz (1956)

Skilled worker for animal production (originally zoo technician ) was an agricultural training occupation in the GDR .


Cover page of a brochure for career counseling in the GDR from 1985

The name Zootechniker is borrowed from the Russian зоотехник ( sootechnik ); the corresponding profession also existed in the USSR and other socialist countries. In the social structure of the “socialist village” after collectivization was completed in the early 1960s, skilled agricultural workers such as zoo technicians (and agrotechnicians as an equivalent in plant cultivation) stood between manual labor on the one hand and the 'agricultural intelligentsia' on the other, who had graduated from universities and technical colleges, and in the collectivized or nationalized farms or rural communal administration took the lead.

In the GDR, zoo technicians specialized in either cattle or pig production. Graduates worked to carry out all the necessary work related to keeping, feeding, caring for and rearing cattle and pigs . This also included the operation and maintenance of the devices, machines and systems used and, if necessary, the use in plant production for harvesting forage plants or maintaining pasture areas. Employment opportunities were found primarily in the state's LPG or VEG , but also in animal-based experimental and research institutes. For the training, the completion of the 10th grade of a polytechnic high school was required. The normal skilled worker training lasted 2 years, or 3 years as vocational training with high school diploma .

The old job title no longer exists in this form today. It corresponds to the job description of the animal farmer , under which cattle farming , pig farming , poultry farming , sheep farming and beekeeping are grouped.

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