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Directional blasting system R-905 of the Swiss Army

The telecommunication troops ( intelligence troops in the Reichswehr , Wehrmacht and National People's Army , among others ; transmission troops in the Swiss army ) is an independent type of service, special force or service division in most armed forces .


The telecommunications force has the task of establishing communication systems in good time, of maintaining them uninterruptedly and, through fast, secure and confidential information and data transmission, the uninterrupted connection of the troop command in and between the units to their superordinate large units and facilities of all parts of the armed forces, branches of service, special troops and services to ensure.

Within troop units and units , this is done by remote control units belonging to their respective service category. For this purpose, each of the associations is subordinate to a telecommunications train. Basically for telecommunication connections of all kinds that these are established from top to bottom and the higher-level management keeps them to the subordinate units.


In addition to conventional field cable construction , modern microwave links play a central role today.


Telecommunication systems laying telephone cables in the forest, November 1942
American telecommunications in World War II (reenactment)

The modern telecommunications troops have their roots in the telegraph troops of the First World War and the later intelligence troops of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS . Their forerunners include the various systems of optical telegraphy and the transmission of messages with carrier pigeons .

Today telecommunication units, telecommunication units, telecommunication units or units are usually part of the armies, armed forces, branches of the armed forces and military organizational areas. In the Bundeswehr and NATO, the telecommunications force is part of the command area 6.

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The telecommunications forces of the Armed Forces form the armed force army and military organization area cyber- and information space its own branch of service, to the Bundeswehr deployment and command support troops counts.

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