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Focko Weberling (born March 6, 1926 in Goslar ; † February 24, 2009 in Ulm ) was a German botanist . His botanical author abbreviation is " Weberling ".


Focko Weberling studied biology, chemistry and physics in Göttingen, Tübingen and Mainz. In 1953 he received his doctorate in natural sciences in Mainz. 1958 followed by a research stay in Central America. In 1961 , he qualified as a professor in Mainz for botany, and in 1963 he was re-qualified as a professor of morphology and systematic botany. In 1966 he became an adjunct professor, in 1969 professor and scientific adviser. From 1975 to 1993 he was professor and head of the Department of Special Botany at Ulm University . In 1992 he retired.

The focus of Weberling's scientific work was the morphology of inflorescences , where he continued the work of his Mainz teacher Wilhelm Troll . Geographically, he concentrated on the flora of South America, where he went on numerous research trips, most recently to Argentina in 2007.

Weberling was a corresponding member of both the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature and the Royal Netherlands Botanical Society. For many years he also acted as spokesman for the Morphology, Anatomy and Systematics section of the German Botanical Society . A part of his herbarium was given to the Botanical State Collection in Munich after the legal department of Ulm University refused to accept it on loan. Since 2006 and 2009 it has been packed and unopened in plastic bags in the Botanical State Collection, which it cannot curatorially process on loan either.

His children are the biologist Bettina Furchheim, b. Weberling, the lawyer Johannes Weberling and the general practitioner Focko Weberling.

Fonts (selection)

  • Morphological and developmental studies on the formation of the lower leaf in dicotyledonous plants: with special consideration of the ear formation on composite and cruciferous leaves as well as the spread of rudimentary stipples in the crucifers. With 37 illustrations in the text. In: Contributions to the biology of plants. Vol. 32, No. 1, 1955, ISSN  0005-8041 , pp. 27-105, (Mainz, University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, dissertation, October 7, 1953).
  • The inflorescences of the Valerianaceae and their systematic importance. With 60 illustrations in the text and on 29 plates. In: Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. Treatises of the mathematical and natural science class. No. 5, 1961, ISSN  0002-2993 , pp. 155–281, (Mainz, University, habilitation thesis, from November 15, 1961).
  • with Hans Otto Schwantes : Plant System. Introduction to systematic botany. Basic features of the plant system. (Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilhelm Troll on his 75th birthday) (= UTB . 62). Ulmer, Stuttgart 1972, ISBN 3-8001-2408-4 (numerous editions; 7th edition, Stuttgart 2000).

honors and awards

  • Medal of the University of Ulm (1994)
  • Honorary doctorate from the Agricultural University of Keszthely in Hungary
  • Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Cordoba in Argentina (1983)

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