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Foresters at work

Forest manager , forest warden (Switzerland), forest skilled worker (Austria), formerly also forest skilled worker , is a state-recognized training occupation for a forest worker. A forest manager carries out all activities in the forestry operation ( forest work ), from establishing new forest stands to harvesting wood .


The areas of responsibility include:

The work of a forester is recognized hard work . The energy turnover for manual engine work in piece wages corresponds to that of a top athlete.


Forest workers' school Dobbertin (1943)

The training (according to the Vocational Training Act) takes place in the dual system . With the exception of Bremen, all federal states in Germany offer apprenticeships. Around two thirds of the training places are in the state forest , a quarter in the corporate forest and around 10% in the private forest . The training lasts three years and ends with the skilled worker examination. The number of registered apprenticeship positions is declining and was 1,656 in 2015. 6.7% of these are occupied by women. The proportion of women has increased in recent years. In 2011 it was still 4.6%.


Promotion opportunities


When Diploma in forestry , in Austria only forester called, it is, however, to a degree, the degree of the university after the successful completion of Forest Sciences is awarded. Forest managers in Austria who have previously been trained at a university are entitled to manage a forest area of ​​over 3600 hectares . The training takes place this at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (zehnsemestriges bachelor - and master's studies) with two years of experience as a forestry assistant and a state examination for the higher forest service.

Use of the term in tax law

Private forest owners regularly earn income from agriculture and forestry even without special training and without personal forestry activities and are therefore sometimes referred to as foresters from a tax law perspective.

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