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The forestry focuses on the development and management of forests and forestry and its history. Disciplines from natural , agricultural , social and economic sciences are integrated . Heinrich Cotta is considered the founder of modern forest science .

The subject of forest science is the management of forests, plantations and landscapes in order to preserve an ecologically possible and socially desirable balance of values ​​over a suitable spatial and temporal scale. The aim is to provide wood as a raw material for wood products, habitat for flora and fauna, clean drinking water, clean air, recreation, landscape and community protection, employment, attractive aesthetic landscapes and a sink for atmospheric carbon and to ensure sustainability . The ideal management of forest ecosystems receives the desired values ​​through the preservation and support of the necessary ecological processes and components.


The degree in forest sciences is one of the last “generalist” courses - it covers subjects from history to genetics. Classical forest managers were in demand not only nationally but also internationally, whether academically at US elite universities or practically in forestry operations worldwide.

In Germany there are faculties for forest science at the following universities:

In Austria, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna has a bachelor's degree in forestry and a master's degree in forestry as well as an international master's degree in mountain forestry at the Department of Forest and Soil Sciences .

In Switzerland you could study forest sciences at the ETH Zurich until spring 2007 (graduation as Dipl.-Forsting. ETH). As part of the introduction of the Bologna reform (Bachelor / Master system), the forest science course was merged with that of environmental science (geo-ecology). In the new bachelor's degree, a two-semester specialization “Forest and Landscape” is offered after four semesters of basic studies. This is followed by a master’s degree with a major in “Forest and Landscape Management”. The first graduates of the new course left ETH in summer 2008. Even if the title of ETH forest engineer disappears, the new Department of Environmental Systems Science will continue to ensure that competent forest specialists are trained at ETH Zurich.

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