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Freewar [ ˈfɹiːwɔːɹ ] ( FW for short ) is a German-language browser game that has been developed and constantly expanded by a team led by the initiator of the “Hobby” project, Jirko Cernik ( nickname Sotrax ), since 2003 . A total of more than 88,829 accounts (as of February 22, 2019) are registered on 17 different servers. There are 4,000 active players. From computer screen it was on a list of major online games in the "free browser games" listed.

Game worlds

The game, which is designed in fantasy style, consists of a multitude of landscapes in a virtual world with fantasy names such as Konlir or Loranien . The player moves step by step on a playing card, consisting of square fields, from room to room and can fight there against other player or non-player characters (NPC), gain experience, earn gold, solve quests , trade, weapons, spells and items ( items ) buy, sell, use and much more.


Freewar runs in real time and is an RPG . You can either travel through the game world (e.g. as a hunter, player killer or tissue researcher) or settle down (e.g. as a stockbroker or dealer). The played character can learn skills that enable him to e.g. B. to have to pay less for certain services or to receive more gold for completed jobs. You can join forces with other players to form clans and small groups in order to be able to defeat stronger opponents. There are also buildings with special functions, e.g. B. an auction house , an exchange , a market hall, other shops with varying prices and buildings that regularly produce raw materials that can then be used by the players.

A chat is integrated in the game, which has different "channels". So you can z. B. Communicate internally in the clan, whisper something to another player if he is on the same field or entered in his own friendship list, or "shout". All players can read these screams. There is also a global chat in which all players can chat with each other.

In the “Super browser game ” election in 2007, which was organized by Gamesdynamite, Freewar took second place behind goalunited among the major browser games (> 10,000 players) .


Registration and participation are free. Through so-called sponsorship (a payment of 10 euros for 4 months or before 5 months and initially half a year) you can buy special features that offer you more comfort, e.g. B. in the form of a queue for the time-based learning of character skills, the possibility to switch to another race or to change your nickname and gender in the game. There is also the option of buying this sponsorship from other players in the game itself using virtual money. The operator attaches great importance to the fact that sponsors do not have any game advantages such as B. get higher attack values.


In addition to the conventional game, there is a role-playing world (abbreviation: RP) in which special rules apply. So z. B. Names that could interfere with the role-play feeling, warned by the moderators; only role play language may be “spoken” in the public chat without reference to actual life and the players are encouraged to actually play the role of their character. The moderators or guardians of this world with unique quest characters ensure that the players have to solve quests similar to the well-known pen-and-paper role-playing game , which clearly differ from the tasks of the other worlds in FW in terms of duration, content, reward and fun to play. In contrast to the standard version of the game, the role-playing world is chargeable.

Furthermore, there is a world for Freewar, called Action Freewar (abbreviation: AF), which is currently reset every 4 months and differs from the normal Freewar through a higher respawn rate of non-player characters (short: NPC) and more money gained when killing NPCs are different. In addition, all players are enemies in Action Freewar.


The name Freewar is derived from the domain used , which Sotrax originally only registered in 2003 to intercept access from people who search for Freewar e programs on the Internet and make a mistake when entering data. He later noticed that the name was a good match for the previously unnamed game that he was programming. He therefore ran the alpha version of the game under the domain . The makeshift became permanent, and Sotrax eventually kept the Freewar name for the game. This name quickly established itself and has been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office as a word mark since 2006 (register number / file number 30631611.0).

Freewar meeting

In order to promote the social contact of the freewar community outside of the virtual world, dedicated players have been organizing freewar meetings for several years. These usually take place twice a year at different locations in Germany and are enjoying growing popularity.

Several dozen regular players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg are now traveling to the meetings. For example, in 2009 over 50 players and the developer of Freewar, Jirko Cernik, met in a parish in the Bavarian district of Oberdorfen von Dorfen in the Erding district . Despite the age of Freewar, the meetings are still very popular and continue to take place twice a year.

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