Friedrich Ebert School (Darmstadt)

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Friedrich Ebert School
type of school primary school
founding 1938/1950

Pulverhäuserweg 31 64295 Darmstadt

place Darmstadt
country Hesse
Country Germany
Coordinates 49 ° 51 '4 "  N , 8 ° 37' 37"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 51 '4 "  N , 8 ° 37' 37"  E
carrier City of Darmstadt

The Friedrich-Ebert-Schule (FES) is a primary school in Darmstadt .

Architecture and history

The former Heimstättenschule was built in 1937/38 as a primary school for the newly created Heimstättensiedlung on Pulverhäuserweg. The school consisted of a one-story school building, which in a square shape enclosed an inner courtyard. The school was destroyed in the Second World War .

After the end of the war, the pupils first had to be housed in different rooms.

The elementary school was rebuilt on the foundation walls of the destroyed building based on a design by Peter Grund . The two-storey main building, named after President Friedrich Ebert , went into operation in 1950.

In 1951 the second construction phase was put into operation. It consisted of three class pavilions , which were connected to one another and to the main building by corridors, and to which open-air classrooms were connected to the south.

Inside the school, the painter Eberhard Schlotter designed three steel doors on the class pavilions, a wooden door in the basement and a mural with fairy tale motifs on the wall - the former preschool room (now part of the caretaker's apartment ) - in the basement.

The three steel doors on the ground floor show motifs from nature . The first steel door shows a bird in its nest, the second shows a large tiger watching its prey, the third shows an underwater scene with a predatory fish hunting for prey.

The large mural and the wooden door in the cellar were partially decorated with gold paint. The large mural shows well-known fairy tale motifs: Cinderella , Sleeping Beauty with the spindle, Hans in luck , Hansel and Gretel , Sterntaler and others. These paintings are unusually realistic - in complete contrast to the otherwise rather abstract works of Schlotter during this period.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Schule was initially used as an eight-class elementary school, and from 1965 to 1984 as a secondary school with nine classes.

Since 1984 the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule has been used as a primary school with a pre-class and kindergarten.

With its new pavilion architecture, the school was a role model for further school construction in Hesse.

In 1965/66, the school was expanded once more to include a class wing and a gym, based on a design by Rolf Prange.

For the 50th anniversary in 1999, the school was renovated.

As a typical example of 1950s architecture in Darmstadt, the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule is a listed building .


International meeting school in cooperation with the Lichtenbergschule , supervising elementary school, lunch, cooperation with kindergartens and sports clubs. English from class 1, French as AG from class 1.


Individual evidence

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