Friedrich-Wilhelm Schallwig

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Friedrich-Wilhelm Schallwig (born October 22, 1902 in Gottesberg / Silesia , † September 1, 1977 in Friedrichshafen ) was a German lawyer and politician (NSDAP / BHE).


In 1930, Schallwig received his doctorate on the "question of flagging municipal buildings" at the University of Breslau . Since 1932 he was a member of the NSDAP (membership number 845.737). In 1941 he was a member of the second command of Einsatzgruppe A in Latvia . The task of these associations was to " clean up " conquered areas on the Eastern Front.

In March 1944, Schallwig went to Budapest and became the personal assistant to Hans-Ulrich Geschke , the commander of the local security police , who was also the superior of Adolf Eichmann . In 1944, Schallwig became Sturmbannführer and commander of the security police in Szombathely, western Hungary .

Schallwig was questioned several times after the war, but never brought to justice. From 1953 to 1954 he was a member of the BHE in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament and later a functionary of the Association of Expellees . From 1972 until his death he was head of the Silesian Landsmannschaft in Baden-Württemberg. In 1977, Schallwig died in a traffic accident.


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