Friedrich Christoph Müller

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Friedrich Christoph Müller, 1789
Müller's Map of the County of Mark, 1791
Memorial for Müller in Schwelm

Friedrich Christoph Müller (born October 8, 1751 in Allendorf an der Lumda ; † April 10, 1808 in Schwelm ) was a German theologian and cartographer . His father was the theologian Johann Daniel Müller .

From 1768 to 1772 Müller studied theology , mathematics , astronomy and genius at the University of Rinteln and then for a year at the University of Göttingen . At the same time he learned four foreign languages. After working as a private teacher, he went on a trip through northern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. From 1776 he was pastor in Sassendorf and from 1782 in Unna . On January 15, 1785 he was elected the second preacher of the Lutheran congregation in Schwelm. When the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II stayed in Hagen from June 7th to 9th, 1788 , Müller became the spokesman for the delegates from Schwelm. He then became a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences with a salary of 200 Reichstalers annually. His most valuable work is Schwelm's choragraphy from 1789 with numerous illustrations on craft and industry. Müller dedicated his publication to the King of Prussia and used the wealth in the Bergisches Land to advertise state industrial support in Schwelm near the border. The publication probably contains the first images of women as workers in the textile factories.

Maps of the county of Mark come from Müller , including the topographic map of the county of Mark from 1791. For the country triangulation , he used a theodolite from the workshop of John Dollond in 1789 and 1790.

In Schwelm there is a memorial for Müller on Martfeld. Friedrich-Christoph-Müller-Straße near the B7 was named after him.


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  • Relieved beginning of a thorough knowledge of arithmetic. Scherz, Schwelm 1800 ( digitized version )
  • Facilitated beginning of a thorough knowledge of geometry and field measurement . Scherz, Schwelm 1801 ( digitized version ).


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