Friedrich Rotter

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Friedrich Otto Rotter (born September 3, 1901 in Munich ; † January 12, 1973 in Fulda ) was a German priest and Roman Catholic theologian.


From 1921 to 1925 he studied at the University of Munich and in 1925 at the University of Bonn (1925 first theological exam) and in 1926 at the Speyer seminary . After receiving his doctorate in Bonn in 1928 as Dr. phil. and the doctorate in 1934 as Dr. theol. At the University of Freiburg im Breisgau he was professor in the Pius seminar in Würzburg for philosophy and theology from 1936 to 1945 . After completing his habilitation in 1943 at the University of Vienna , he was professor at the PTH Fulda from 1946 to 1956 . From 1956 to 1965 he was professor for apologetics and religious studies in Mainz .

Fonts (selection)

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  • From knowing to believing in Jesus Christ. About religious awareness, the experience of faith and the axiom of theology . Aschaffenburg 1964, OCLC 451515220 .
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