Friedrich Wilhelm Scheuerlein

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Friedrich Wilhelm Scheuerlein (born August 29, 1810 in Könnern ( Saalkreis ); † August 30, 1895 in Dessau ) was a royal Prussian major general and most recently a department head for armoring in the naval ministry.


His parents were the surgeon in Könnern Christoph Ferdinand Scheuerlein and his wife Charlotte Christiane Pfaff .


He joined the 3rd Artillery Brigade as a gunner in 1829 . There he was posted to the United Artillery and Engineering School from 1830 to 1833 . At that time he was appointed portepeef ensign on November 12, 1830 and second lieutenant on February 21, 1832. From 1835 to 1837 he was employed as a department adjutant. Finally, he was posted to Berlin from April 1, 1838 to March 31, 1840 , where he attended lectures at the building school and the trade institute . After his return he was transferred to the craftsman company of the 3rd Artillery Brigade from 1841 to 1843. He was then appointed Premier Lieutenant on February 27, 1844, and on October 1, 1845 he was posted to the Artillery Examination Commission. From there he was transferred to the 5th Artillery Regiment as a captain on October 20, 1851, where he switched to the fireworks department on June 18, 1853 . He left the army on March 28, 1854 and switched to the navy. There he was placed à la suite of the naval battalion and assigned to the 2nd division of the Admiralty as a department head for the artillery. He was promoted to major on March 27, 1855 and lieutenant colonel on June 27, 1861, and was transferred to the Department of Armouring at the Ministry of the Navy. On January 18, 1863, he received the Order of the Red Eagle, 3rd class with ribbon, and on March 17, 1863, he was promoted to colonel . On January 18, 1867, he was awarded the Order of the Crown, 3rd Class , before he retired on June 17, 1868, with the character of Major General. He died in Dessau on August 30, 1895.

In 1847 the Lieutenant General von Dienst wrote: Assigned to the Electroplating Institute, he has served on the Artillery Examination Commission since May of that year, but is known to me as a very useful, knowledgeable officer. His worth on the basics of artillery science is commendable.


He married Emma Adelheid Planer (born September 30, 1814 - October 11, 1892) in Berlin on October 12, 1854 , the daughter of the Economics Commissioner Planer.


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