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G DATA CyberDefense AG

legal form Corporation
founding 1985
Seat Bochum , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Kai Figge
  • Andreas Lüning
Number of employees over 500
sales 36.9 million euros (2016)
Branch software
Website www.gdata.de

Kai Figge, Andreas Pinkwart and Andreas Lüning at the opening of the G DATA Campus

The G Data Cyber Defense AG (proper spelling: G DATA Cyber Defense AG , until September 2019 G Data Software AG ) is a German software house focusing on IT security solutions. The company was founded in 1985 and has its headquarters in Bochum . G Data is one of the largest manufacturers of security solutions in the IT sector in Germany.


The current version 2020 of the end-user products supports Windows operating systems 7 (from Service Pack 1) as well as 8 and 10, each in the 32- and 64-bit version. For large networks and corporate customers there are special versions that can be managed centrally.

The anti-virus program Mobile Security has been available for the Android operating system since the beginning of May 2011 . The successor, G Data Internet Security for Android, has been on the market since June 2015 and contains data protection components in addition to malicious code protection.

In July 2013, G Data expanded its product portfolio and now also supports the Mac OS X platform with G Data AntiVirus for Mac .

Products for end users
  • G Data Antivirus
  • G Data Internet Security
  • G Data Total Security (formerly Total Protection)
  • G Data Mobile Security for Android
  • G Data Mobile Security for iOS
  • G Data AntiVirus for Mac
G Data Business products for companies
  • G Data AntiVirus Business
  • G Data ClientSecurity Business
  • G Data EndpointProtection Business
  • G Data Exchange MailSecurity
  • G Data PatchManagement (as a module in G DATA corporate solutions)
  • G Data Managed Endpoint Security - powered by Microsoft Azure
Former product series
  • DaViDeo (burning program)
  • G Data Secure Chat for Android
  • Logox (text-to-speech)
  • PowerDictate (dictation program)
  • GeoRoute / PowerRoute (route planning)
  • PowerInfo (phone book with route planner for PC)
  • G Data IS for HomeServer
  • G Data CloudSecurity
  • G Data NotebookSecurity
  • G Data InternetSecurity for netbooks
  • G Data BankGuard
  • G Data SmallBusiness Security

The software is distributed throughout Europe, in North and South America, Africa and Asia and is available in 14 languages.


G DATA War Room

A feature of G Data AntiVirus is the so-called “DoubleScan” engine which is supposed to achieve a high level of virus detection with the help of two independent virus scan engines (up to version 2013: Avast Antivirus and BitDefender ). As of version 2014, the Avast engine was replaced by the CloseGap engine developed by G Data itself, while BitDefender continues to be used as the second virus scan and spyware engine.

The products contain a cloud detection called OutbreakShield to increase virus protection independent of signature updates, and a whitelisting function for files from trusted manufacturers as well as checksum generation (“fingerprinting”) of already checked files to speed up virus scans . The OutbreakShield technology comes from the Israeli security software manufacturer Cyren (formerly Commtouch).

Since 2012, the manufacturer has been offering BankGuard, a technology for securing online banking that is supposed to protect against known and unknown banking Trojans in real time, regardless of the signature.

At the beginning of September 2014, G Data released the USB Keyboard Guard. A free program that can prevent malicious attacks from USB sticks with infected firmware (or other compromised USB devices) - masquerading as a USB keyboard - by explicitly requiring the user to confirm that the USB device is connected really is a keyboard. So far, no other ways of defending against such attacks are known, and anti-virus programs are also powerless here.

In 2019, G Data expanded its Windows products to include a new type of behavior analysis called "BEAST". This technology is based on graph-based rule assignment. This means that the actions of all processes are added to a graph and this is then checked for harmful actions. The special feature of this technology is that the graph can also be checked retrospectively, so that infections that have already occurred can be recognized and their damage reversed.

G Data is committed to social issues. Since 2008, the company has donated 1 euro to Plan International for every new product sold that is bought in its own online shop .

Company history

The company was founded after a visit to the Hanover Fair in 1985 by a 20-year-old freshman and a 19-year-old student. Kai Figge and Andreas Lüning shared their enthusiasm for the Atari ST and decided to expand the limited range of software themselves and sell it from a garage.

In 1987 Andreas Lüning programmed what was perhaps the first commercial virus protection program for Atari ST, which was followed in 1990 by one with a graphical user interface for MS-DOS .

Due to a legal dispute with the company Galactic, the Herne criminal police searched the business premises of the - at that time still - civil law company on April 19, 1989, which operated under the name "G-Data". The background to this was an advertisement from the Galactic company (file number 39 JS 170/89, Bochum District Court) because of an alleged illegal sale of a chess program. A preliminary injunction G-Data against Galactic dated June 8, 1989 was overturned by the Essen District Court on June 20, 1989, according to which Galactic could continue to claim that G-Data was pirated copies. In a statement in ST magazine, the owner of G-Data, Kai Figge, who he says is the only one, rejects all allegations and claims to be able to make 120 copies based on an oral agreement with Galactic as compensation for one from G-Data Product already advertised but not completed by Galactic.

In 1993 G Data developed the GeoRoute software. It was the first route planner with an intelligent map.

Logox followed in 1997, a program for speech output for Windows.

In November 2000, the GmbH of the same name, founded in March 1990, was converted into a stock corporation.

The name G Data Security was established in 2002. The DoubleScan technology, whereby two virus scanners work independently and in parallel, was also published.

At CeBIT 2004, G Data presented its "InternetSecurity" product for the first time.

In 2005, G Data was the first company to publish real-time virus protection for its “AntiVirenKit” and “G DATA InternetSecurity” products.

In 2006 the company expanded further, followed by market entry in various countries. The opening of a Japanese branch in Tokyo took place in 2004. In 2007, G Data had around 100 employees. In the years 2008 and 2009 the expansion continued by entering the market in Brazil and Mexico , as well as in the USA , Canada and Russia . In 2009, G Data generated sales of around 25 million euros, and in summer 2010 the company had around 300 employees. In 2010, G Data opened a branch in Italy , followed by branches in France , the Netherlands and Belgium in 2011 . G DATA security solutions are available in over 90 countries.

With the CloseGap technology presented in 2013, G Data is first using its own virus detection technology (see special features).

In 2014, the EU joint project IPACSO recognized G DATA as the most innovative IT security company in Europe and praised the rapid response to new threats.

In 2014, as a tenant of two floors in the former main building of the Wohlfahrt consumer association, G Data acquired the entire site of the headquarters since 1991. The buildings on the so-called G Data campus are listed.

As an AV manufacturer, G Data has been the exclusive launch partner of the Microsoft Cloud in Germany since 2015, which will be available in Germany in mid-2016.

In September 2019, the Annual General Meeting decided to change the name from G DATA Software AG to G DATA CyberDefense AG .

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