Feast of Our Lady in Jerusalem

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Titian : Presentation of Mary in the temple; Venice, Accademia
Candles in front of the altarpiece of the Presentation of Mary in the temple in Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, November 21, 2008

The feast day of Our Lady in Jerusalem in the liturgical year of the Roman Catholic Church (with a different name and a different feast of the mystery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary , the Sacrifice of Mary or the Presentation of Mary in the Temple , Latin Praesentatio Beatae Mariae Virginis ), in the Eastern Churches entry into the Temple of Our Lady mistress of Gottgebärerin and ewigjungfräulichen Maria , is a Marie Memorial . The fixed date is November 21 . In the Eastern Churches, which follow the Julian calendar , this day falls onDecember 4th of the Gregorian calendar .

Fixed content

The original festival content is the offering of the three-year-old Mary in the Jerusalem temple as a virgin by her parents Joachim and Anna, as reported in the apocryphal Gospel of James :

“But the child's months increased. The child was two years old. And Joachim said, 'Let us take it up to the temple of the Lord to keep the promise we made. Otherwise the master sends God to us to fetch it, and our gift will not be acceptable as one forced in this case. ' And Anna said: 'We want to wait the third year so that the child does not long for father and mother if they separated earlier.' And Joachim said: 'Then let's wait.' And the child was three years old. Then Joachim said: 'Call the daughters of the Hebrews, the immaculate, as companions! Have them each take a torch and they should burn as a distraction for the child so that the child does not turn back and his heart is not seduced away from the temple of the Lord. ' And they did so until they came up to the temple of the Lord. And the priest took Mary under care, kissed and blessed her and said: 'The Lord has made your name great among all generations. In you at the end of the days the Lord will reveal his ransom to the children of Israel. ' and he bade her sit down on the third step of the altar, and the Lord God put grace on her. Then she began to dance on her feet, and the whole house of Israel loved her. And their parents went down again, full of astonishment, and they praised God the Lord that the child had not turned to them to stay with them. But Mary was in the Lord's temple, like a dove, feeding herself with very little food, and she received food from the hand of an angel. "


This festival has been celebrated in the east since the 6th century . It is one of the twelve great feasts of the Orthodox church year and is celebrated from the eve of November 21 to 25.

After it had been rejected for a long time, the Roman Catholic Church took over the festival in the 14th century under the name Praesentatio Beatae Mariae Virginis , which in German usually means the sacrifice of the Virgin . It was founded in 1371 by Pope Gregory XI. in Avignon and in 1472 by Pope Sixtus IV. for the entire Catholic Church.

The liturgical reform set November 21st as the feast of Our Lady in Jerusalem . Even in the portrayal of Luke's Gospel , Mary is the archetype and perfect embodiment of the daughter of Zion , as the image of Jerusalem and the people of Israel in their suffering, their hope and their faith. In becoming mother of the Son of God, she is at the same time the new temple or tabernacle and mother and source of life for the Church . The Second Vatican Council expressed this close connection between Mary and the mystery of the Church by making the exposition on the Mother of God at the end of the Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium . On November 21, 1964, Pope Paul VI proclaimed solemnly the Marian attribute mother of the church before the council meeting .

Our Lady in Jerusalem is the Patroness of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Sion and the Brothers of Notre Dame of Sion .

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