Common short rifle moss

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Common short rifle moss
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Common short rifle moss ( Brachythecium rutabulum )

Class : Bryopsida
Subclass : Bryidae
Order : Hypnales
Family : Brachytheciaceae
Genre : Brachythecium
Type : Common short rifle moss
Scientific name
Brachythecium rutabulum
( Hedw. ) Bruch , Schimp. & W. Gümbel

The common short rifle moss ( Brachythecium rutabulum ) also crutch- shaped short rifle moss , short capsule moss or cone moss is a common deciduous moss that penetrates into the inner cities.

Lamina cells at 400x magnification
Sporogon at 30x magnification


It forms strong, irregularly branched lawns, usually between 5 cm and 10 cm long stems. The color can vary between green, yellow-green or gold-green.

The leaflets of the stems are broadly ovate and drawn out into a short, sharp point. The edge of the leaflet is finely indented. At the bottom, two leaf wings still run a little down the trunk. In contrast to the similar Brachythecium rivulare , the cells of these leaf wings are usually not sharply separated from the cells of the leaf blade. The leaf vein is very strong and ends above the middle of the leaf. The leaves of the branches are somewhat narrower and more clearly serrated, but otherwise similar.

The moss is often fruiting. The capsule is short and obliquely cylindrical. The seta is warty rough.

All in all, it is a very diverse and variable moss.


The common short rifle moss grows on wood, bark, stone and on open and overgrown soil. It prefers nutrient-rich locations.

It's almost cosmopolitan . It can be found everywhere and frequently in Europe . It can be found both in natural areas and in city centers.


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