Georg Heinrich Greif

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Georg Heinrich Greif (born June 2, 1734 in Heide (Holstein) , † December 3, 1796 in Flensburg ) was a German theologian .


After completing his studies in 1761, Georg Heinrich Greif became a deacon in Büsum , a parish in the Dithmarschen district in Schleswig-Holstein . From there he was transferred to the Nikolaikirche in Flensburg as a deacon in 1782 . He gained the reputation of a very active pastor and good preacher and died here in 1796 at the age of 62.

Greif was also active as a poet and his poetic talent was used no less than his ability to speak on happy and sad occasions. These sermons and poems were also printed at the same time. Only two sermons appeared in bookshops : From the righteous who have it well, and from the approach of God to those who approach him (Flensburg 1777) and the sermon on a passage from the tenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles : The friends, not the enemies Jesus are the best witnesses of his resurrection in a collection of sermons and speeches given in the Duchy of Schleswig and Holstein (Heide 1779). His treatise On the Perfection of the Number 9 (in the Leipziger Gelehrten Zeitung , 1765, pp. 420-424) is an attempt that is not based on any philosophical basis.