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Gerania (Γεράνεια)
height 1351  m
location Southwest Attica / Northeast Corinthia , Greece
Mountains Gerania Mountains
Coordinates 38 ° 1 '15 "  N , 23 ° 23' 8"  E Coordinates: 38 ° 1 '15 "  N , 23 ° 23' 8"  E
Gerania (Greece)

Gerania ( Greek Γεράνεια ; alternative transcription Geraneia ) is a mountain range in Greece between Attica and the Peloponnese on the Isthmus of Corinth . The mountain range has a north-south extension of about 5 km and a west-east extension of 15 to 20 km. The Gerania mountain range stretches right up to the Gulf of Corinth , it is somewhat separated from the Saronic Gulf , with the exception of the part called Kakia Skala , which comes right up to the Saronic Gulf. East of the Gerania mountain range is the city of Megara , southwest of the city of Corinth . The Gerania mountain range is spread over the areas of the municipalities of Megara and Loutraki-Perachora-Agii Theodori .

The Gerania mountain range has vegetation with forest in the south, north and west up to a height of between 900 and 1000 m. In the northwest there is mostly grassland and scrubland. The central parts as well as the Kakia scale are poor in vegetation.

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