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Gerd Brüdern (born June 7, 1920 in Oebisfelde ; † January 20, 1968 in Munich ) was a German actor and director .


Brothers had various appearances in film and television, but was mainly a stage actor . For example, he played Faust in the 1956 Kortner production. Karl Paryla was his demonic opponent in this regard .

Brüdern was employed as an actor and director at both the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Bavarian State Theater from an early age . With the Otto Falckenberg School, he also headed one of the most important drama schools in German-speaking countries for over 15 years .

His participation in a production of the Münchner Kammerspiele of Schiller's Die Räuber with Rolf Henniger and Ernst Ginsberg is documented as a sound recording . It was published in 1959 in the literary archive of the Deutsche Grammophon record company .

From 1952 until his untimely death he headed the Otto Falckenberg School .

His grave is in the Bogenhausen cemetery in Munich.


  • 1950: Crown Jewels
  • 1951: Dr. Holl
  • 1955: The Green Cockatoo (TV)
  • 1957: The glass tower
  • 1957: The Bandit Doctor (TV)
  • 1958: resurrection
  • 1959: Isobel (TV)
  • 1959: Raskolnikoff (TV)
  • 1962: Murder in the cathedral (TV)
  • 1963: The Successor (TV)
  • 1963: The Crime Museum (TV series, episode 5: The needle )
  • 1966: Save yourself if you can or stupidity wins everywhere (TV)

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