Gerd Ilte

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Gerd Ilte in front of Edelhof Deersheim , 2011

Gerd Ilte (* 1933 ; † 2016 ) was a German teacher, gallery owner and art award winner from the city of Wernigerode .


Ilte came from the Altmark . After attending school, he graduated as a specialist in history. He got his first job as a teacher in Sülldorf near Magdeburg . There Ilte organized the first socialist village festival, which also included exhibitions. This sparked his lifelong passion for organizing exhibitions.

After his retirement he retired in Wernigerode am Harz . Here he opened the "Efeuhaus" gallery below Wernigerode Castle in 1991 , where he initially showed artistic works by painters from the Wernigerode district . Later he expanded the exhibition of artists from all over the Harz. During this time Gerd Ilte organized ten auctions of resin art and the exhibitions of the two artists Christian Hallbauer and Anna Maria von Brun in close cooperation with the Wernigerode Castle Museum. In 1996 Gerd Ilte had to close the “Efeuhaus” gallery due to illness. However, he continued to be committed to the resin art and the special promotion of regional painters. He dedicated himself in particular to researching the “Wernigerode Artists Colony” after 1945, about which he published his own volume in the Harz Researches .

In the gallery on the 1st floor in Marktstrasse in Wernigerode, Gerd Ilte organized further exhibitions, for example about Bert Heller , Bruno Jüttner and Otto Illies . The Harz Museum Wernigerode also actively supported Gerd Ilte in organizing exhibitions about Harz artists and enriched the archive there with further information about these artists.

Together with Christian Juranek , he designed the well-attended series of events “Art and Clutter” for several years, most recently renamed “Expensive or Deceit” at Wernigerode Castle.

Gerd Ilte presented several monographs, including one on Elisabeth von Gustedt .

Publications (selection)

  • Wilhelm Pramme . From the life of a happy person , Wernigerode, undated [approx. 1996]
  • Elise Crola . Romantic drawings [catalog for the exhibition "Elise Crola - Romantic drawings" in the 1530 gallery in Wernigerode from May 8, 2008 to April 30, 2009], Wernigerode 2008
  • Art and artists in Wernigerode after 1945 (= Harz research ), Berlin 2012, ISBN 978-3867321174
  • Elisabeth von Gustedt . NSDAP women leader resistance fighter writer a life for women's rights. A biographical reading book , Ziethen, Oschersleben (Bode) 2012 ISBN 978-3862890415


The city of Wernigerode honored Gerd Ilte "for his work as a gallery owner and above all for his commitment to Harz art" with the award of the art prize. In his honor, the display depot of the Harz Museum in Wernigerode was opened on the day of the award ceremony.


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