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Harz Research is the title of a series of publications that has been published by the Harz Association for History and Antiquity since 1909 in addition to the Harz magazine, which has been published since 1868 . It is mainly concerned with research and sources on the history of the Harz region , appears at irregular intervals and contains source editions, reference works, monographs and conference reports. The volumes published so far are listed below. The series was published from 1999 to 2011 by Christof Römer in conjunction with Jörg Brückner , Bernd Feicke , Hans-Jürgen Grönke , Christian Juranek , Friedhart Knolle and Dieter Pötschke. Dieter Pötschke has headed the editorial community since 2012.

Volumes published

  1. Georg Bode: The Heimburg am Harz and their first gentlemen , Wernigerode 1909
  2. Heinrich Denker: The mountain chronicle of Hardanus Hake, Pastors zu Wildemann , Wernigerode 1911
  3. Walter Möllenberg : The Mansfeld mining law and its history , Wernigerode 1914
  4. Eduard Damköhler: North Harz Dictionary. Based on the Cattenstedt dialect , Wernigerode 1927
  5. Walther Grosse : History of the city and county of Wernigerode in their forest, field and street names , Wernigerode 1929
  6. Richard Wieries: History of the Harzburg Office according to its forest, field and street names , 2nd edition Braunschweig 1937
  7. Hermann Hille: The dialect of the northern Harz foreland, especially the Huy region , Wernigerode 1939
  8. Heinrich Pröhle : Harzsagen , Bad Harzburg 1957
  9. Friedrich Stolberg: Fortifications in and on the Harz from early history to modern times , Hildesheim 1968, ²1983
  10. Hans-Friedrich Rosenfeld: Wernigerode dialect based on the collections of Adolf Friederich (1812-92) , Neumünster 1975
  11. Dieter Pötschke (Ed.): Rolande, Kaiser and Law. On the legal history of the Harz region and its surroundings , Berlin 1999
  12. Christof Römer (Ed.): Anhaltischer Harz. Profiles and culture of a historical landscape , Braunschweig and Berlin 2000
  13. Hans-Heinrich Hillegeist , Wilfried Ließmann (ed.): Technology transfer and emigration in the area of ​​the Harz mining industry , Berlin 2001
  14. Dieter Pötschke (Ed.): City law, Roland and pillory . On the legal history of Halberstadt, Goslar, Bremen and Brandenburg cities , Wernigerode and Berlin 2002
  15. Christof Römer (ed.): Evangelical regional churches in the Harz region , Wernigerode and Berlin 2003
  16. Fritz Reinboth (arrangement and ed.): Johannes Letzner . The Walkenried Chronicle , Walkenried and Berlin 2002
  17. Peter Stephan: Ditfurt . Demography and social history of a rural community north of the Harz over 400 years , Wernigerode and Berlin 2002
  18. Claus Heinrich Gattermann : The deployment of foreigners in the district of Osterode 1939-1945 , Wernigerode and Berlin 2003
  19. Dieter Pötschke: Ilsenburg Monastery . History, architecture and library , Wernigerode and Berlin 2004
  20. Wolfram Siegel: The holy Gangolf in Münchenlohra at the Hainleite. Basilica, monastery and Carolingian prehistory , Wernigerode and Berlin 2005
  21. Klaus Thiele (Ed.): 1200 years of the Halberstadt diocese - Osterwieck . Early mission and early Protestant imagery , Wernigerode and Berlin 2005
  22. Dieter Pötschke (Ed.): The Ilsenburg Abbey and other monasteries in the Harz anteroom , Berlin and Wernigerode 2006
  23. Dieter Pötschke (Ed.): "Vryheit do ik ju openbar ..." Rolande and Stadtgeschichte , Berlin and Wernigerode 2007
  24. Dieter Pötschke (Ed.): Dominion, Faith and Art. On the history of the Reichsstift and Kloster Drübeck , Berlin and Wernigerode 2008
  25. Ulrich Flachs (edited by Jörg Brückner ): On the history of the post and telecommunications system in Wernigerode from its beginnings to 1945 , Berlin and Wernigerode 2009
  26. Klaus Thiele (Ed.): Osterwieck . The half-timbered town from the century of the Reformation and the Brandt Schmalian trial files from 1614 , Berlin and Wernigerode 2010
  27. Christian Juranek (Hrsg.), Wilhelm Marbach (Hrsg.): The Harzer Eisenkunstguss in the 19th century , Berlin and Wernigerode 2014 (in preparation)
  28. Gerd Ilte (Ed. Christian Juranek): Art and artists in Wernigerode after 1945 , Berlin and Wernigerode 2012
  29. Peter Lehmann (Ed. Christian Juranek): respected - denied - honored. Colonel Gustav Petri, rescuer of Wernigerode , Berlin and Wernigerode 2013
  30. Dieter Pötschke, Gerhard Lingelbach, Bernd Feicke (eds.) With the assistance of U.-D. Oppitz: The Burger Landrecht and its legal-historical context. On the history of land rights and their symbolism in the Middle Ages from Rügen to Lower Austria , Berlin and Wernigerode 2014
  31. Hans-Jürgen Grönke (Ed.): On industrial history in the southern Harz , Berlin and Wernigerode 2016