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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Walkenried community
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Walkenried highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 35 '  N , 10 ° 37'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Goettingen
Height : 320 m above sea level NHN
Area : 20.97 km 2
Residents: 4297 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 205 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 37445
Primaries : 05525, 05586
License plate : , DUD, HMÜ, OHA
Community key : 03 1 59 036
Community structure: 3 localities
Association administration address: Bahnhofstrasse 17
37445 Walkenried
Website : rathaus.walkenried.de
Mayor : Dieter Haberlandt ( non-attached )
Location of the municipality of Walkenried in the district of Göttingen
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Walkenried is a unified municipality in Lower Saxony on the edge of the southern Harz in the district of Göttingen .


Geographical location

Walkenried is on the Wieda . Until the reunification , Walkenried was located directly on the inner-German border, which ran south and east of the community. Walkenried and the district of Zorge are state-approved climatic health resorts ; Wieda is considered a health resort with a healthy climate .

The municipality of Walkenried lies in the triangle of federal highways 4, 27 and 243 on the southern edge of the Harz Mountains .

The originally wooded Walkenried marshland was transformed from the 12th century by the monks of the adjacent Cistercian monastery Walkenried into a rich pond landscape with fertile farmland. Today 50 of them are still detectable. All ponds are located in a nature and bird sanctuary and are now partly managed by the local sport fishing club.

The area of ​​the municipality is between 280 and 710  m above sea level. NN .

Closest cities

Community structure

The following localities belong to the municipality of Walkenried (population in brackets on December 31, 2015):

Neighboring communities


Walkenried was first mentioned in 1085 . The historical center is the Walkenried monastery, built by Cistercians in 1127 . The originally wooded Walkenried marshland was converted from the 12th century by the monks of the monastery into a rich pond landscape with fertile farmland. 365 ponds were created by the monks in order, according to tradition, to have one pond available for fishing every day of the year. Today, however, only 50 of them are detectable. All ponds are located in the “ Priorteich / Sachsensteinnature reserve . Some of the ponds are now managed by the local sport fishing association.

For the Brunswick Duke August Wilhelm from 1725 to 1730 a hunting lodge was built from rubble stones of the monastery by the state master builder Hermann Korb south of the monastery grounds. The solid walls, which encompass the garden of the palace in the south and west, date from the time when the Wildenhof monastic stud farm was located there before the palace was built. The Walkenried hunting lodge that has been preserved is now privately owned and used as a hotel guesthouse.

The place became known throughout Germany after the Second World War , when one of the most important railway border crossings between the British and Soviet occupation zones was located here on the so-called southern Harz line between Ellrich and Walkenried .

For the development of the postal system in Walkenried, see: Braunschweig-Blankenburg postal route

On November 1, 2016, the member communities of the combined community Walkenried , Zorge , Wieda and Walkenried merged to form the Walkenried community, the Walkenried joint community was dissolved. With the merger of the districts of Osterode am Harz and Göttingen on the same day, this municipality belongs to the district of Göttingen .


The name originally referred to Alt-Walkenried, which was a settlement 1.5 km north of the monastery and was converted into a grangie in the 12th century (1205: "grangiam, que dicitur Vetus Walkenredde"). An "Alden Walkenride" is documented in 1473.

As a compound of Old Saxon valk- and -hriod , the name means reed swaying in the wind . The genesis of the toponym (in excerpts): 1085 "Walkenreit", 1172 "Walkenriede", 1496 "Walckenrid", 1630 for the first time as today "Walkenried".


At around 56%, the majority of residents belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 10% are Catholic, and around 34% do not belong to either of these two denominations ( census in the European Union 2011 ).

The Evangelical Lutheran parish Walkenried belongs to the provost of Bad Harzburg . The chapter house of the former Cistercian monastery has been used for Protestant services since 1570.

The Catholic Holy Cross Church was built in 1960. After 1945 a Catholic parish was formed in Walkenried, which celebrated its services in the chapter house of the former monastery until the church was built. Today the Holy Cross Church is a branch church of the parish of St. Benno in Bad Lauterberg .


Municipal council

Municipal election 2016
Turnout: 56.85% (2011: 60.31%)
n. k.
Blue g
Beikirch h
Gains and losses
compared to 2011
 % p
-0.67  % p
-12.10  % p
+ 11.33  % p
-1.38  % p
+ 8.71  % p.p.
-1.45  % p
-2.74  % p.p.
+ 0.83  % p.p.
-2.52  % p
Blue g
Beikirch h
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
g Single applicant Steffen Blau
h Individual applicant Kurt-Rainer Beikirch
Distribution of seats in the municipal council
A total of 14 seats

After the local elections on September 11, 2016, the municipal council has been composed of 14 council members and the full-time mayor since November (change to the 2011 joint municipal council election). The election for the 2011 joint municipal council is used as a comparison value for the parties' profits and losses.

Distribution of seats

  • SPD : 5 seats (± 0)
  • CDU : 4 seats (−2)
  • Citizen list Walkenried and Südharz: 2 seats (+2)
  • Citizens' Association Zorge: 2 seats (± 0)
  • AfD : 1 seat (+1)
  • Single applicant Steffen Blau: 0 seats (−1)

Municipal Mayor

The full-time mayor of the Walkenried community has been Dieter Haberlandt since 2016. He was the only applicant to receive 69.2% of the vote. His deputies are Andreas Viehweger (CDU) and Ulrich Kamphenkel (SPD).

Chronicle of the incumbents

  • Unsalaried
    • 2015–2016: Andreas Viehweger (CDU)
    • 2011–2015: Herbert Miche (CDU)
    • 2007–2011: Monika Prier (SPD)
    • until 2007: Günter Domeyer (SPD)
  • Full-time
    • since 2016: Dieter Haberlandt

Local council

Local council election 2016
Turnout: 58.75% (2011: 57.6%)
(+ 0.31  % p )
(-20.20  % p )
( n. K. )
(-6.30  % p )
( n.k. )
n. k.
(-1.43  % p )
Blue d
Beikirch e


Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
d single applicant Steffen Blau
e Individual applicant Kurt-Rainer Beikirch

In addition to a local council, which is responsible for the entire community of Walkenried, a local council was also elected to take on political tasks for the town of Walkenried of the same name.

Following the local elections on September 11, 2016, the local council has been made up of five councilors since November.

Distribution of seats

  • SPD : 2 seats
  • CDU : 2 seats
  • Citizen list Walkenried and Südharz: 1 seat

Local mayor

The local mayor of Walkenried is Claus Eggert (SPD). His deputy is Marius Klenner (SPD).

coat of arms

The municipal coat of arms of the Walkenried municipality was composed of the main symbols of the coats of arms of its three localities. The coat of arms, which previously belonged to the municipality of Walkenried, was approved on May 14, 1975 by the Hildesheim district president. On November 1, 2016, the Walkenried municipality took over the coat of arms of the Walkenried municipality.

Walkenried coat of arms
Blazon : "Under a blue shield head , in it a floating golden abbot's staff with silver velum and downward curvature, split by an ascending, curved golden tip , on the right in red a half- striding silver stag , on the left a red-silver boxed field."
Foundation of the coat of arms: Walkenried, famous for its monastery ruins, was once the center of a small spiritual state in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. That is why the golden abbot, which reminds of the abbots, plays the main role in the coat of arms that tells the history of Walkenried's territory. The half-striding silver stag reminds of the former affiliation to the county of Klettenberg , later to the county of Hohnstein- Klettenberg, which led the red and silver field in the coat of arms. The golden tip only serves to separate the two lower fields.


Rail transport

Walkenried is on the southern Harz line . Regional trains of the DB Regio to Northeim and Nordhausen stop every hour at the new train station in the town center . The old station is a short distance further in the direction of Northeim, where all passenger trains ended up to the turn. The meter- gauge narrow - gauge railway Walkenried – Braunlage / Tanne also began in Walkenried , but was later replaced by today's bus route 470. In 1963 the last section of the route was finally closed.

Public transport

Walkenried is connected to the surrounding area by 2 bus lines, but only line 470 runs on Sundays and public holidays. Line 470 also connects to the remote district of Zorge, while line 472 also connects to the remote district of Wieda. There are small bus stations at the train station and in the center of the former monastery . Both bus lines are operated by Hahne Reisen.

  • 470: Bad Sachsa - Walkenried - Zorge - Hohegeiß - Braunlage
  • 472: Bad Sachsa - Walkenried - Wieda

Culture and sights


  • TV Friesen Walkenried e. V.
  • Support group Kloster Walkenried e. V.
  • German Shepherd Association Local group Walkenried
  • We Walkenrieder - Walkenrieder for Walkenried e. V.
  • March of the Volkenried Voluntary Fire Brigade
  • Walkenried volunteer fire department
  • Walkenried youth fire brigade


Sons and daughters of the church

Web links

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