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Coat of arms of the municipality of Gleichen
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Gleichen highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 28 '  N , 10 ° 2'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Goettingen
Height : 185 m above sea level NHN
Area : 128.94 km 2
Residents: 8831 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 68 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 37130
Primaries : 05592, 05508, 0551
License plate : , DUD, HMÜ, OHA
Community key : 03 1 59 015
Community structure: 16 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Waldstrasse 7
37130 Gleichen
Website :
Mayor : Manfred Kuhlmann ( SPD )
Location of the municipality of Gleichen in the district of Göttingen
Niedersachsen Staufenberg Hann. Münden Scheden Bühren Niemetal Jühnde Dransfeld Adelebsen Friedland Rosdorf Göttingen Bovenden Gleichen Landolfshausen Seulingen Waake Seeburg Ebergötzen Duderstadt Obernfeld Rollshausen Rüdershausen Rhumspringe Wollershausen Gieboldehausen Wollbrandshausen Bodensee Krebeck Walkenried Bad Sachsa Bad Lauterberg im Harz Herzberg am Harz Herzberg am Harz Herzberg am Harz Hattorf am Harz Hattorf am Harz Wulften am Harz Elbingerode Hörden am Harz Osterode am Harz Bad Grund (Harz) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Landkreis Goslar Landkreis Northeim Landkreis Northeim Hessen Thüringen Sachsen-Anhaltmap
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Gleichen is a unified municipality in the district of Göttingen in southern Lower Saxony . Its administrative headquarters are in Reinhausen .

When the municipality of Gleichen was named, the mountain couple Die Gleichen , which towers near the municipality of Gelliehausen, was the godfather.


Information board at Vogelsang

Geographical location

The municipality of Gleichen is located southeast of Göttingen , west-southwest of Duderstadt and north-northwest of Heilbad Heiligenstadt . The larger, western part of the municipality is located in the Reinhäuser Wald nature reserve . Several districts in the Gartetal are traversed by the Garte and the Bremker Tal with the villages of Bremke and Reinhausen from the small Wendebach (with the Wendebach reservoir ), both right and eastern tributaries of the Leine .

the mountain couple The same

In the center of the municipality are Die Gleichen , a pair of mountains up to 430 m high that rise between Appenrode , Bettenrode and Gelliehausen. Both mountains were once crowned by castles , of which ruins remain.

The districts of the municipality of Gleichen can be reached, for example, via the state roads that branch off from the B 27 eastwards.

Community structure

Districts of Gleichen

The municipality was created through the municipal reform in 1973 and has 16 districts ; Administrative seat is Reinhausen:


In the Middle Ages, the Altenleichen Court was established, a patrimonial court that was subordinate to the Lords of Uslar-Gleichen , who owned the upper court there. The localities included Gelliehausen, Benniehausen, Wöllmarshausen, Bremke, as well as the Sennickerode, Appenrode, Elbickerode and Volgelsang goods. Just as the Neuengleichen office was canceled on July 4, 1825, the Altenleichen court was incorporated into the Reinhausen office in 1852 as part of the Hanoverian judicial reform . The Altenleichen court had 1848 1988 inhabitants, 324 residential buildings and an area of ​​0.432 km 2 . The community Gleichen existed since January 1st 1973. On this day the communities Beienrode, Benniehausen, Bischhausen, Bremke, Diemarden, Etzenborn, Gelliehausen, Groß Lengden, Ischenrode, Kerstlingerode, Klein Lengden, Reinhausen, Rittmarshausen, Sattenhausen, Weißenborn and Wöllmarshausen merged into the new church.


Municipal council

The local elections in 2001 , 2006 , 2011 and 2016 produced the following results:

Parties and constituencies %
Municipal election 2016
n. k.
n. k.
Gains and losses
compared to 2011
 % p
-0.41  % p
+ 2.04  % p
+ 0.22  % p
-0.03  % p
-1.37  % p
-0.46  % p
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany 41.88 10 42.29 10 43.45 10 48.5 12
CDU Christian Democratic Union of Germany 27.02 6th 24.98 6th 33.72 8th 34.7 9
GREEN Alliance 90 / The Greens 18.82 4th 18.60 5 12.86 3 10.4 2
FWG - ex Free community of voters equals - BsP citizens instead of parties 12.27 3 12.30 3 8.18 2 4.5 1
FDP Free Democratic Party - - 1.37 - 1.79 1 1.9 -
ÖDP Ecological Democratic Party - - 0.46 - - - - -
total 100.0 23 100.0 24 100.0 24 100.0 24
Voter turnout in% 69.51 67.41 69.33


Jägersteine ​​in the Reinhausen Forest

The full-time mayor Heinz-Jürgen Proch was elected in September 1996 . In the local elections in 2006 there was a runoff on September 24, 2006. Heinz-Jürgen Proch (SPD) was able to prevail with 52.27% compared to 47.73% for Werner Wille (CDU) and thus remained in office until 2014. Manfred Kuhlmann (SPD) has been the full-time mayor since 2014.

Coat of arms, flag and official seal

The municipality of Gleichen has a coat of arms, a flag and an official seal.

Description of the coat of arms
"The coat of arms of the municipality of Gleichen shows two green hills in silver, on the right with a square, crenellated red tower, on the left with a red round tower with a blue pointed roof."

The coat of arms symbolizes the mountain couple of equals ; the towers represent the former castles on the peaks.

Description of the flag
“The colors of the municipality of Gleichen are blue and red. The flag of the municipality of Gleichen consists of two longitudinal stripes of equal width (meaning horizontal stripes) with the coat of arms in the middle. "
Official seal

The official seal contains the coat of arms of the municipality of Gleichen and the inscription "Municipality of Gleichen, district of Göttingen".

Culture and sights

Hurkutstein natural monument



Signpost to the Waldschlösschen in the Reinhäuser Forest

Every year, fairy tale festivals for children are performed on the Brothers Grimm Forest Stage in Bremke. The performance is from mid-May to mid-September. The Waldbühne was built by the villagers in 1949.

Natural monuments

Rocks near Appenrode

South of the Waldschlösschen Academy is the Hurkutstein in the forest , which was declared a natural monument in 1936 together with the oak standing on it. The documented hermitage of the former Benedictine monastery of Reinhausen was located there. The monk Heinrich Hufnagel built the chapel "Zum Heiligen Grabe" around 1385 and lived there as a hermit .


The Waldschlösschen Academy is located near Reinhausen .


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