Southern Lower Saxony

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Southern Lower Saxony refers to the southeastern part of the German state of Lower Saxony .


Geographical location

The geographical focus of southern Lower Saxony, from west to east, is the Solling , the Leinegraben and the western part of the Harz . Mountain and basin areas in their surrounding area round off the landscape, specifically the Göttingen-Northeimer Wald , the Solling foreland , the southwestern Harz foreland , the Bramwald and parts of the Lower Eichsfeld and the Eichsfeld Basin . South Lower Saxony is not far from the center of Germany and therefore centrally located in Germany.

In its northern extent within Lower Saxony, the region is not clearly delimited, but it is undisputed that the district of Göttingen, including the old district of Osterode am Harz, belongs to it. The neighboring district of Northeim is also part of this region. Depending on the frame of reference, the districts of Holzminden and Goslar are also included, and occasionally the entire area characterized by low mountain ranges south of Hanover, i.e. the districts of Schaumburg , Hameln-Pyrmont , Hildesheim and parts of the Hanover region . The only regional center of southern Lower Saxony in the narrower sense is Göttingen , from which the alternative name Region Göttingen is derived.

Administrative assignments

A number of institutions have the region name in their name. These are mostly communal cooperations such as B. "Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Süd-Niedersachsen" (ZVSN). In the Verkehrsverbund Süd-Niedersachsen (VSN), which covers the area of ​​the districts of Göttingen, Holzminden and Northeim, bus and rail transport companies as well as public transport authorities are united . The Regional Association of Southern Lower Saxony takes care of cultural issues. In the course of the dissolution of the administrative district of Braunschweig in 2005, essential tasks of regional cultural promotion were assigned to it by the state of Lower Saxony. The Südniedersachsenstiftung sees itself as an independent and politically neutral network coordinator who promotes the development and growth of the South Lower Saxony region in its economic, cultural and social entirety. In the educational region of southern Lower Saxony, the districts of Göttingen and Northeim as well as the city of Göttingen and the towns and municipalities belonging to the district cooperate in education management. The Hildesheim-Südniedersachsen Chamber of Crafts is responsible for a district that includes the districts of Göttingen, Hildesheim , Holzminden and Northeim.


The low mountain range between the Upper Weser and Harz Mountains was one of the core landscapes of the Holy Roman Empire until the Middle Ages . Since then, the area has suffered for several centuries from struggles for political supremacy, such as the B. under the effects of the Hildesheim collegiate feud , the Thirty Years' War and the Second World War . The result was a political marginal position. Numerous cultural treasures have been preserved, some of which have only been opened up for tourism.

For a predecessor territory , the term Südhannover was coined in the literature , which referred to the southern part of Kurhannover .


The largest companies based in southern Lower Saxony include the laboratory and process technology provider Sartorius , the plant breeding and biotechnology company KWS Saat , the spirits manufacturer Hardenberg-Wilthen , the production measurement technology company Mahr , the packaging and cardboard manufacturer Thimm , the supplier of flavors and ingredients for Food and cosmetics Symrise , the electrical company Stiebel Eltron and the orthopedic, plastics and IT company Otto Bock and, with additional consideration, the chemical company HC Starck .

Education and Research

The Georg-August University of Göttingen , the Clausthal University of Technology and the HAWK University for Applied Science and Art Hildesheim / Holzminden / Göttingen are located in this region. The South Lower Saxony Innovation Campus also contributes to the management of the results of these research institutions . Other research institutions are:

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In the Harz, view from the dam of the
Oder dam


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