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Gershom Gorenberg (2012)

Gershom Gorenberg (* in St. Louis , Missouri , USA ) is an Israeli-American publicist .


Gorenberg grew up in California . He graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz , and received his BA in Religious Studies in 1967 . He is an Orthodox Jew and immigrated to Israel from the USA in 1977. In 1985 he received his Masters in Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem .

He is a correspondent for The American Prospect , a quarterly liberal-minded US political magazine, and has long been the editor of Israeli magazine The Jerusalem Report . He has also published in The Washington Post , Slate , The Daily Beast , Jewish magazine Moment , UK magazine Prospect , The Atlantic Monthly , New York Times magazine , The New Republic and Haaretz , among others . He describes the South Jerusalem blog he runs as a “progressive, skeptical blog about Israel, Judaism, culture, politics and literature”.

Gorenberg is a senior lecturer in journalism at Columbia University in New York and has lectured at the Council on Foreign Relations , the Middle East Institute in Washington, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, as well as various universities, Jewish community centers and other institutions.

He lives in the south of Jerusalem with his wife, the journalist Myra Noveck, and his three Israeli-born children, where he is involved in the progressive Orthodox Jewish community "Kehillat Yedidya".

As an advocate of liberal Zionism , he advocates a renewal of Israeli democracy, for which he defined three conditions in 2012: First, Israel must stop building settlements , end the occupation and find a peaceful way to divide the country between the Mediterranean and the Jordan . Second, state and religious authority must be clearly separated from one another. Third, the legal equality of all citizens must be established.


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