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Giorgio Capitani (born December 29, 1927 in Paris , † March 25, 2017 in Viterbo ) was an Italian film director and screenwriter .


Giorgio Capitani began his career in 1946 as an assistant director, among others with Vittorio Cottafavi . His first film, You Must Forget Me , was shot in 1953. After a handful of melodramas that met with mild interest, he devoted himself to dubbing and worked as the director of the second staff in larger productions; He experienced a second career start in 1964, when he specialized in comedies , which he turned as television productions since the late 1980s. Again and again he scattered “serious” films in between; The stories about Commissario Rocca were particularly successful .

Towards the end of the 20th century he shifted to more serious, often biographical material.

Giorgio Capitani has also been listed as George Holloway in films .

Filmography (selection)

movie theater

  • 1952: Anna and the executioner (Il boia di Lilla - La vita avventurosa di Milady) (screenplay)
  • 1953: I sinned for you (Per salvarti ho peccato) (screenplay)
  • 1954: You have to forget me (Delirio)
  • 1961: Alarm auf der Valiant (The Valiant) (screenplay)
  • 1962: Axel Munthe - The Doctor of San Michele (Koregie with Rudolf Jugert and Georg Marischka )
  • 1964: The hour of tough men (Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili)
  • 1966: ... what a night, boy! (Che notte ragazzi!)
  • 1967: Sam Cooper's gold (Ognuno per sé)
  • 1968: Madame has the longest fingers (La notte è fatta per… rubare)
  • 1969: Archangel (L'arcangelo)
  • 1972: A lucky pig doesn't have to be a piglet (La schiava io ce l'ho e tu no)
  • 1975: The gangster's doll (La pupa del gangster)
  • 1976: Quartet of Passions (Bruciati da cocente passione)
  • 1978: Dinner followed by breakfast (Pane, burro e marmellata) (also script)
  • 1979: Lobster for breakfast (Aragosta a colazione)
  • 1980: I hate blondes (Odio le bionde)
  • 1981: Hey ghosts! (Bollenti spiriti)
  • 1987: The Chaoten Duo (Arrivederci e grazie)

watch TV

  • 1988: Die Nesthocker (E non se vogliono andare!)
  • 1989: Die Nesthocker II (E poi se no vanna?)
  • 1995: Christmas with obstacles (Natale con papà)
  • 1997: Priests in action (Un prete tra noi) (series)
  • 2000: The Little Lord - Savior in Need (Il ritorno del piccolo lord)
  • 2000: Anna
  • 2002: A Life for Peace - Pope John XXIII. (Papa Giovanni - Ioannes XXIII)
  • 2004: Love goes through the stomach (Mai storie d'amore in cucina)
  • 2004: Crusader 9 - Saint Rita (Rita da Cascia)
  • 2005: Callas & Onassis (Callas e Onassis)
  • 2006: Papa Luciani - Il sorriso di Dio
  • 2009: Puccini (miniseries)

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